Gameday: Which Jersey Do you Wear to the Big House?

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on July 11th, 2010 at 11:44 PM

I am not sure if this has already been posted and please forgive me if it has but I have been curious about the fan style of jersey for gameday now at the Big House. With the sponsorship of Adidas from 2008 to present as our team's jersey supplier I wanted to know how many of you still wear the Nike jersey to the games? I prefer Nike when it comes to football jersies because they are both traditional and they are also light and easier to breath in on a hot day. I also think that Nike made some of the best looking away jersies which were ours back during the late 1990s. I always loved the white away with blue Ms on the shoulders and the maize and blue striped collar. Always brings memories of the Woodson pick. Anyways have most of you now adopted Adidas or do a lot of you still wear Nike?



July 12th, 2010 at 12:06 AM ^

All my jerseys are Nike ones, but mostly because I don't have a lot of money to buy a new Adidas one these days.  I do have a few UM Adidas shirts though, mostly gifts...anyway, I do always wear one of the jerseys to every game I make it to.  I try to always wear home blue for home games usually my "lucky" #32 A-Train jersey (My first ever jersey, oldest most well-worn by far) or my #10 Tom Brady.  I also have a #1 away jersey that I keep in good condition and try to only wear for road games (wore it to MSU last year, so maybe not so lucky), although I have occasionally worn it only to very important home games, i.e. OSU, maybe MSU or Penn State.  In short, I don't really have a set ritual for which one I'll pick, it's more just wake up on game day and see which one the Maize and Blue Spirit moves me to wear.  Also, I will still wear one even if I'm just at home watching it on TV.  I guess my superstition is more just to wear any jersey every game day more than a certain one.


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I wore my Desmond jersey to ND last year so I might have to wear it Sept. 4th. I received the jersey in my picture after the season so I have not worn it to a game yet. I have a Shoelace jersey too, but unfortunately we lost each of the three games when I wore the jersey. If I was able to get another I would get a BG #55

Sac Fly

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... a minor jersey for my birthday last year, i was supposed to get a custom one but after a month my brother called them and they forgot to put the order in, than they called back another month later and said it was so backed up i wouldnt get a custom for at least a few more months. i still love my big number 4 tho.


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i go with white because it is cooler for the september games ...

their is nothing better than the #1 jersey imo, unless it is a maize throwback graham brown basketball jersey (which if anyone has in a 2 or 3xl get at me)



(edit: except at maize outs where i dress accordingly, i was lucky enough to be one of the blue shirts in the block m against notre dame)


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two I have retired from use. The two I have that I retired are a Blue Nike Anthony Thomas Jersey (that my dad got me at my first Ohio State game in 1997), and a White Nike Chirs Perry Jersey (version with M on side away jersey Michigan had, still IMO, blow away all other road jerseys). Retired since I pretty much out grew them, but could still rock them if necessary.

The other three I wear on a rotating basis...I switch after losses. First one is a Blue Nike Braylon Edwards #1 jersey. Second is a White Nike Braylon Edwards Jersey (version with M's on side arms). Third is a new Adidas Blue Tate Forcier Jersey.

Besides the Tate jersey, I have been lucky getting all the others as gifts. I love my jerseys.


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I wear a maize shirt, not a jersey; I long for a complete maize out (even though I'm not a huge fan of maize being the color but I feel like blue doesn't stand out enough).  Unless I'm at home, where I wear my signed Charles Woodson Nike jersey.

kevin holt

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I hate when people wear their blue jerseys to maize outs. I understand that they are expensive and that you love the jersey, but if you love it that much, you can go to a different game with it. And if you have multiple tickets, skip that week and wear god damn maize. We need to get on people harder to do this, or it'll never work.


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I'm yet to get an authentic Michigan jersey, so I just wear my maize underwear with maize shirt with maize hoodie with blue jeans.

And for crowd block M's, all of which I've been a part of, I wear whatever shirt they give me.  If there's a block M in the crowd I WILL be a part of it.


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But, I rock the Nike Hart authentic jersey for each gameday - white because I am always the visitor here in Ohio.  I do have an Adidas #1 replica now that I may mix in every now and then this fall. 

Six Zero

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I've had something of a problem for many years, but if it's worth anything I rarely pay for them myself-- either receive as gifts or through UM contacts

#1 Home (Braylon),  2 (Woodson), 3 (Marlin), 5 (some kid named Tate), 6 (DWarren), 7 (Henne), 8 (Avant), 10 (Brady), 15 (Breaston), 16 (Navarre), 20 (Hart), 21 (Desmond), 23 (Perry), 32 (A-Train), 56 (Woodley), 60 (received this Eastbay job as a gift, with "WOLVERINES" on the nameplate), and 86 (Manningham).

BTW, some of these are larger than others, and might be willing to part with if the deal is right...


July 12th, 2010 at 8:31 AM ^

I've worn a Nike 86 replica away jersey (initially for Manningham), for quite awhile now.  I also used to where a number 8 before that for Avant.  This year though, I'll be breaking in a new jersey.  After the spring game, my dad and I went to MDen to do a little shopping.  There I found an authentic number 2 Adidas home jersey and I bought it instantly.  I'm assuming it was from a year or so ago when McGuffie was starting, but I really wanted it because of Woodson.  Also hoping Vincent Smith has a really good year as well.

Greg McMurtry

July 12th, 2010 at 8:44 AM ^

#1, #2 and #15.  I usually mix it up between the three.  They're all Nike jerseys.  Even if no one currently playing dons your jersey number, it's still cool to wear it honoring a player from the past.  If there's a maize out, I try to wear maize, but I'd just rather wear a jersey.


July 12th, 2010 at 9:04 AM ^

I rotate mine as well, because I've collected a bunch over the years.  I have two that are pretty rare: an authentic Russell Athletic Steve Morrison home jersey that I got in the early 90s as well as a Champion 1997 Big 10 champs Charles Woodson away jersey.  I also have a late 90s Nike Jeremy Irons home, authentic Manningham home, and a Tate away and Shoelace home.    


July 12th, 2010 at 9:19 AM ^

I have a Blue Adidas #2 (mid level) and white Nike 20 (mid level also). I typically rock a maize T-shirt in the fall at the game, but Jerseys on Fridays before the game. 

For colder games I like my Maize hockey jeresy (one of the Nike block M ones) It's Maize, and functions as a coat. I can fit a sweatshirt under it, and lots of layers. Perfect for the November games


July 12th, 2010 at 9:46 AM ^

I wear an authentic adidas #2 white for all games where the temp is over 70 and it is sunny.  Then once the temp cools down I where an authentic adidas blue #4 for home games and the white jersey for away games.  My next purchase might be a #1 jersey but I don't know which color to go with. 


July 12th, 2010 at 10:06 AM ^

Adidas #2, Blue Home replica. 

I had bad luck with my Nike #7 Henne Away replica, so that's retired from use. Occassionally I'll wear my #1, #4 or #5 home replicas, but there has to be a good reason to deviate from the 2, which has been oddly successful for me even the last 2 years. 

Section 1

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1.  It really is a cool sight to see the Stadium bathed in Maize.  I encourage everyone to wear Maize per our Athletic Department's suggestion.

2.  Any "maize" Michigan jersey just screams out "fake; unreal; WalMart Wolverine."

3.  Is there some kind of age limit on wearing football jerseys to events like football games?  I'd be interested in what the members of MGoBlog's demographic cohort think about that.  Is it dumb to wear a football jersey to a football game if you are 20?  30?  40?  50?  60?  70?  80?  What is the age cutoff?  Why?  Is it a bad joke if a guy in his 50's wears a Number 7 jersey to a game?  (Rick Leach, now in his 50's, sits several rows in front of me, and I don't think I have ever seen him wear a jersey; if anybody ever had a right to wear a Number 7 jersey I suspect that Rick would be high on that list.)

4.  As to the Nike/adidas logos; I'm not sure that anything screams out "last year" or "old" quite like Nike-logoed Michigan apparel.  Might as well have an "On Sale" tag sewn onto the front.  There would of course be some notable exceptions.  Real, game-worn or game-quality jerseys as historical artifacts would be the exceptions.  You wouldn't expect to have an "adidas" Desmond Howard jersey or an "adidas" Tom Brady jersey.  But if it's just an off-the rack plain numbered jersey, seeing the Nike swoosh just says to me; "too cheap to buy a new one."  Like it or not, we are an adidas school.  We are the Numero Uno adidas school, the BMOC adidas school, as it should be.  Suck on that, Notre Dame.  And Wisconsin.  And everybody else.


July 12th, 2010 at 11:32 AM ^

I've wrestled with the some of the same issues with wearing jerseys, particularly of players that are younger than I.  I really don't see a problem with wearing my Woodson jersey, because hey, I got it when I was 12, I looked up to him as a kid, and well, he's an all-around badass.  Being in my mid 20s and wearing some 19 year old kid's jersey, eeh, I kinda struggle with (I am, however, the proud owner of a new Forcier away jersey).  Then again, you see plenty of grown men wearing NFL player's jerseys who are a fraction of their maybe we're overthinking this a bit too much.  


July 12th, 2010 at 11:43 AM ^

It doesn't look anything like a Michigan jersey, but it has "MICHIGAN" on the name plate and the # 97 I assume for the last championship.  I like wearing it over a t-shirt to the games.  Even though it's a fake jersey, I feel more dedicated wearing it than a t-shirt.

I haven't yet yorn a real jersey to a game.  I didn't own one when I went to Michigan and I liked the look of Maize better in the crowd.


July 12th, 2010 at 1:12 PM ^

the way to go is to wear other sports jerseys ...

basketball during the warmer games ....

hockey for the colder ones ....

personally, i always pregame in a maize shirt and then switch to my #1 white addias digs at somepoitn before the game ....

if their is a maize out, i will do maize with a funny tshirt ... last yrs edition was "charlie weis tried to eat me" .... it got rave reviews from all comers including a surprising amount of nd fans (this most be the death of a coach) and had a lot of picture request from adults i dodnt know ... for once i felt like the hot girl, nstead of the overly large male that i am


July 12th, 2010 at 11:10 PM ^

I actually think that a Nike logo shirt screams "I have been a fan from the beginning and i am not a band wagon jumper".

Even though everyone will argue that no one is jumping on our "band wagon" now, i think that if you have an older jersey from a ouple seasons ago and it means something to you (ex. you were wearing it when we won the NC in '97) then why not wear it?


July 12th, 2010 at 12:32 PM ^

Since the whole Maize Rage thing got started, I've taken to wearing MGoShirts. First it was the Zoltan: Space Emperor (of Space) until Misopogal kind of stole that one, so now it's the Woodson silhouette with a Heisman shadow from Six Zero. When it's chilly, I layer underneath, then maybe put a flannel or something over if I still need more heat.

My only M jersey is a #7 Nike that I got early in college because Henson was my class. If Brandin Hawthorne starts playing regularly, I'll maybe wear it again because he's wearing 7 for a classmate who died. The problem for me is that this jersey was big on me when I bought it and since I lost a lot of weight it's fucking huge on me, so either I tuck it in (which isn't cool unless you're tucking it into Jordache jeans) or look like I shop at Mr. Alans.

The type of player wearing 7 has historically been eerily apropos to the current coach. Observe:

Name Position Years Player Type Head Coach
Wallace Miller Tackle 1928-1931 Mobile O-Lineman Kipke
James Kidson Fullback 1933 Running FB Kipke
Paul Penvenne Fullback 1937 Running FB Kipke
Harry Kohl Quarterback 1938-1939 Running Quarterback Crisler
George Manalakas Half-Back 1940 Receiving tailback Crisler
Mark Jacoby Wolf 1972-1974 "Wolf" Schembechler
Andy Jackson Safety 1975-1977 Hard-hitting defensive back Schembechler
Rick Leach Quarterback 1976-1979 Option Quarterback Schembechler
David Hall Quarterback 1980-1983 Option Quarterback Schembechler
Ken Mouton Cornerback 1984-1985 Hard-hitting defensive back Schembechler
Rick Sutkiewicz Kicker 1985-1988 Kicker Schembechler
Demetrius Brown Quarterback 1989 Option Quarterback Schembechler
Alfie Burch Strong CB 1990-1993 Big bump n run cornerback Moeller
Chris Floyd Fullback 1994-1997 Blocking Fullback Moeller/Carr
Chris Singletary SAM Linebacker 1996 Run-Stopping Linebacker Carr
Drew Henson Quarterback 1998-2001 Big QB with a cannon Carr
Spencer Brinton Quarterback 2001-2003 Light-throwing backup QB Carr
Chad Henne Quarterback 2004-2007 Big QB with a cannon Carr
Brandin Hawthorne Spinner 2009-2010 Fast but slight LB from Pahokee Rodriguez
Terrence Robinson Slot Receiver 2009-2010 Slot ninja Rodriguez

So some two-way tackles and fullbacks under blocking guru Kipke, Fritz Crisler with a run-and-pass qb and a receiving back; Bo has a "wolf" safety, a couple of close-to-the-line cornerbacks, and three option QBs; Mo got some of the hard-nosed guys he built his teams around; Carr had a run-stuffing linebacker who sucked at stopping the option, and two cannon-armed big pocket quarterbacks; and Rodriguez has a speedy linebacker from the Swamp, and a slot ninja.


July 12th, 2010 at 2:22 PM ^

I have 2 Nike replicas, a white and a blue.  Both are number one.  I didn't buy either because of the guys who have worn number one at Michigan.  I chose number one because the University of Michigan has always been number one in my heart-that is the only way I've ever viewed the number situation.  Regardless of record, coaches, players, etc.  U-M football is number one to me!


July 12th, 2010 at 5:30 PM ^

If Adidas were smart, they'd make an official maize practice jersey, and then sell replicas for us to wear during maize outs.

Me. I wear my Nike #7 jersey for now.