Gameday for UTL-II

Submitted by mvp on August 31st, 2013 at 11:18 AM
Fowler just said Gameday to be in Ann Arbor for Under the Lights II. We didn't know this, did we?



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Saying this is a huge day for the program would be an understatement.  Between the national stage and all the huge recruits on campus, I pray we are at our best next Saturday.


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Just got my tickets 2 days ago! Found them on Craig's list for $350 for the pair! The guy was a 30+ year season ticket holder. So long story short talked to him on the phone for 40 mins then when we met up he gives me the tickets I give him the money and we talk about michigan games we have been to ect. 20 mins later he says here take this I look down and he is handing me $150 back. I say what's that for and his reply
"Just happy a michigan man got these so ill give them to you for $200"

Cool story Brrrrrroooooo!


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At the World Cup in Germany to see US-Italy with no tickets. We tried for 8 hours and couldn't get any. 10 mins before a guy sees my wife in an Uncle Sam hat and offers two tickets. Since we were US he just asked for face value. And since he did me a favor I have him am extra $50.

Bane of Gargamel

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Because I only comment once every 2 years, I'm not able to open my own post. I wanted to ask a Q about Gameday. Planning on tailgating from the golf course & a few in our crew will not be going into the game. Dish is not an option so would watching via the Gameday big screen be a viable alternative? (Follow up Question: What time would you suggest showing up to make sure we get a decent spot on the course?)