GameDay coming to A2 for UM/OSU basketball

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It has been announced that ESPN's Gameday will be setting up shop in Ann Arbor for the February 18th matchup against Ohio State. This will be the first time Michigan will host GameDay and the only B1G game that will be featured on it this season.

So maybe the football game lost its shine amid the scandal this year. The hoops version of this rivalry could make up for it. The Buckeyes are at the top of the Big Ten hierarchy in the preseason, but John Beilein’s team isn’t miles behind. Losing Darius Morris hurt the Wolverines, but having Tim Hardaway Jr. back from a team that won a tourney game last season certainly helps. The big question for Michigan, as it is for everyone in the Big Ten, is who will contain Jared Sullinger?

It's never too early to think of sign ideas!…



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I like the Believe/Beilein t-shirts some guys in the Maize Rage made up during the 2009 season.  The shirt had the work "Believe" on it and the word's shadow spelled out "Beilein."


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I suppose it's too much to hope that the NCAA investigation into THE Ohio State University accidentally turns up evidence into how they are able to recruit all of those future NBA rent-a-players into their program.

Michigan has gotten the short end of the stick lately.  They haven't been an elite basketball program for over ten years, but their only national TV games seem to be against the top two or three teams in the league.  In pro wrestling, this would be called being a JTTS, or "Jobber to the Stars."

Michigan finally broke though with a sweep over Sparty last year.  Could it be time for them to break through against Brutus come February?


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I was just thinking the same thing.  I wonder if the second letter from the NCAA, if it exists, addresses the car deal scandal.  If so, I know there were at least 2 basketball players, or their families, involved in that grease fire.