Game stream?

Submitted by andrewG on September 21st, 2013 at 1:12 PM

Anyone have a good website I can use to stream the game? Don't say ESPN3, because I was banking on that, but aplparently it's blacked out in my area. I have prior commitments that won't let me go to the bar for the game, but I've got internet access. Any help would be much appreciated.



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I hope the above was missing an /s. It is fine to get streaming content but they have very poor quality control on the ads they allow. I'm sure any download is adware/spyware/virus infested. If the stupid HD ad won't dissappear try p2p4u, basically the same site but with different ads.


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Like the guy above said, it's great for streaming but do not do anything like

  • Pay for a "subscription"
  • Download anything
  • Click on any ads

Adblock+ is a good tool to use there as it kills most anything. All reputable streams on there will play without doing anything other than clicking play


September 21st, 2013 at 1:22 PM ^ worked like a Charm for the nd game.

Much worse selection than firstrowsports, but you can't stream firstrowsports on an iPhone like u can with


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My Comcast cable is out of Ann Arbor where I live. I am in Washington DC for a wedding right now. Both Ann Arbor and DC are scheduled to air the game on ABC. (Not espn) Earlier in the week my iPad watchespn app didn't have the game listed, but now it does. I'll be streaming from 3G under the table and will be in the doghouse with my wife next week.

Hope that helps ?


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Be sure to use Google Chrome + AdBlocker if you're going to use first row sports

I would also advise against downloading/installing anything from the site


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FirstRow has been kind of finnicky lately with certain ads that don't have an obvious way to close them - VIPBox has been more reliable for me over the past week or so. Each site should have a few different streams (slightly different quality/reliability) that you'll want to try around kickoff


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These are totally acceptable, just so you know. While it is true that there isn't really a great repository of common streaming links on this site (perhaps this is a bucket list item), competition, location and more recently, crackdowns on some sites make the answer at least somewhat fluid beyond the common answers to the question. Granted, now that such a thread exists, subsequent threads asking the same question will hopefully not appear. 


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I used it last week on the recommendation of someone on the live blog, so it's new to me. It worked great, and the quality was fantastic, but I don't really know how it works or how to find the stream address(es) for different channels,

It seems like the addresses change all the time. The link he gave last week, for BTN, still works, but that's not going to help me this week.


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So i'm scheduled to see the game on ABC - but I won't be in front of a TV.


Does anyone know if I can watch the game on the WATCH ABC app on iOS?  It asked for my Verizon FIOS login and had a "live TV schedule" which had the UM-UConn game.


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San Francisco Bay Area fans the game is going to be on Living Well channel (east bay COMCAST hd CHANNEL 715)  Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We don't have to miss this one on TV!!!!!!!!!!!


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Btw, even if its blacked out in your area on espn3 (or its on espn or espnu and you cant watch it online due to your provider or lack of cable tv package), you will always be able to watch it recorded on espn3.  It usually shows up within an hour of the game ending and sticks around for a week or two.