The Game marathon on ESPN Classic all day

Submitted by Brown Bear on November 21st, 2012 at 10:33 AM
Disclaimer: I know this was posted yesterday but this is just a friendly reminder with some game times listed. If you're like me and your holiday weekend has already begun you can sit back and watch The Game all day long as espn Classic is airing some classics today and tonight. Enjoy Highlights 12est 2003 game(100th Game) 2est 1995 game(Biakabutuka goes bonkers) 8est 1997 game(you know) 10est 2006 game(1 vs 2) UGGH IPAD NO FORMATZ NICE!!!! My apologies for difficult reading.



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1977, 1978, 1980, 1983, 1985, 1988 and 1989 were also classics.

Of course they'll probably show the 1979 UM loss like 2 or 3 times!

Agggggghhhh damn you Jim Laughlin and Todd Bell!


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I no longer get ESPN Classic but there was a time it seemed like neither BTN nor ESPN Classic deemed any win by Michigan to be worth re-showing but if we lost, man I got to see those games a LOT.  Glad to see we're not the losingest team in college sports anymore.

I guess it's because of that cool chart on the front page yesterday - we're everybody's "most hated rival" it seems so if they somehow manage to win a game against us it's a VERY BIG DEAL!


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But that's what goes along with being a top program, and OSU is the same way. Outside of OSU, ND and a handful of others, Michigan beating a team they totally should beat isn't going to be a classic, even when it's done in somewhat dramatic fashion. For example, OSU coming back to beat Purdue this year is probably not going to be a classic, but if Purdue would have held on to win, it probably would have been, at least for BTN.


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Watching the 1987 game right now as well - I actually took the weekly Vice President's conference call (sitting in for my boss) in here so I could watch the game while I sort of listen to the folks downtown.


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ESPN Classic, my ancient foe.  12 years back, I emailed you a list of 50 Notre Dame and OSU losses that would make great features for your network, yet you ignored me and continued to show any Michigan loss you had access to. 

I know it must be killing you to be showing some maize and blue wins today. 


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I was watching it and OSU was number 2 going into that game.  Am I not mistaken that we ruined their National Title hopes that season?  People always talk about Michigan wrecking OSU's National Title hopes in 1993, 1995, and 1996, but how come nobody ever also says 2003?


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Maybe because in '93, '95 and '96 UM was 'limping' into the game having already been eliminated from the Big Ten title chase.  In terms of records and rankings heading into these games, they were pretty big upsets.  Talent wise I wouldn't say there was a big gap between the teams though.

2003 was a match-up for the Big Ten title and UM was ranked in the Top 10 heading into the OSU game.  Not sure who was favored, but I think people remember this game more for the fact that with the victory UM won the game and went to the Rose Bowl.


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People were also tired of Ohio State winning so ugly by the time we played them in 2003.  

They won the NC the year before in questionable fashion (a lot of people did not believe that they were the best team), and now they were on the way to doing it again.  When we beat them, there was much rejoicing in the CFB world.  The SI cover and article was especially complimentary.



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Damn, Chris Perry could lay a lick to an oncoming secondary player and didn't shy away from a linebacker, either.  I missed this game back in 03' while on a college visit; to say the least I was pissed that day that I was missing the game.  Mike Hart was a great running back for UM but a back like Perry in the backfield would be great again; the O-line he ran behind definitely helped his cause, so there's that, too.


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It's one of those plays that I'll never forget.  To me, without that "late/helmet-to-helmet hit", we're getting the ball back and driving down the field to take the lead.  What could have happened after that I don't know, but I do know in a parallel universe the above happened.