Game day vs Uconn This Saturday: Importance of a Strong Start

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on September 2nd, 2010 at 12:16 AM

Since the home opener now is officially 2 days away we all know how important it is for Michigan to get into this game with an early lead. This Uconn team is not a joke like Deleware State or BG. They are skilled in areas on defense and offense and for Michigan to come out with some fire, an early 7-0 lead is the way to get the fire lit. What would also be nice to see is a Uconn 3 and out if we choose to kickoff. A kickoff off return for a an early touchdown would blow the clouds out of the sky above the Big House. What's one big thing your looking to see on our first drive down field? Ball security, good passing, broken tackles, big gains, a touchdown or all of the above? If defense is our first stand of the game what key things will you be looking for?



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On offense, I just want a sustained drive that results in some points. A touchdown would be the ideal obviously, but even a field goal is alright as long as we show that we can move the ball.

Defensively, I want to not give up any points. Doesn't have to be a three and out, but just don't give it up when it matters. We are going to have to play bend don't break defense a lot, and that would be a good start.


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I want the crowd to be deafening from the start, even during the opening moments of the game.  The players will already be fired up but hearing the crowd noise will only help more.  We were in a similar situation for last year's opener against WMU; coming off a dreadful un-Michigan like season with off the field allegations and rumors causing stress for everyone.  When we scored a TD on our first drive, the crowd reaction was just exciting to hear on TV. 

Now we have a tougher opponent and windows in the box suites to trap the sound better.  A 7-0 lead in the first quarter will rock that stadium to insane levels.

If we win the coin toss, we should probably start on offense since that's the strength of our team.  The first drive can be a mix of everything as long as they hold on to the damn ball.


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Sounds like Bo but against uconn they MUST stop the run plain and simple.

On offense I wanna see Denard come out zippin the ball around and open up that Defense early. Keep them guessing the whole game and that starts on the first drive.


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interestingly you picked two things that did not happen a lot last yr. we obviously werent completing a lot of deep balls. and shaw certainly was not slamming through anyone. dont get me wrong, id love to see him break a tackle or two. but i would settle for him slipping thru the hole untouched and getting into the open field with speed


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I would really like to see our defense out there first. After the emotional opening ceremonies who wouldn't be ready to knock some heads around. A 3 and out would erupt the crowd and would give that confidence the D needs and deserves. Even a 5 plays and out would really pump up the crowd and settle some of the nerves for the young kids. 

Offensively, I agree with bklein09. A nice sustainable series that ends with points. Starting out with a defensive stop will give the offense some momentum heading into that series. Ive never been so pumped for a season opener!!! ( ok I say this every year, but Im just excited to see our boys play)



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I'd like to see the defense cause a turnover on UConn's first possession.

One play later, I'd like to hear the announcer's say: "If the UConn defense can't contain #16, then this game might be over quickly".

I would really like to see a blowout in the Big House re-dedication game.


September 2nd, 2010 at 9:55 AM ^

Being the first game of the season, please don't fuckin turn the ball over.. We did a great job of it last year as the guys were pretty jacked up for the game.  Hopefully we see a repeat of that this year or we may be in trouble


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The importance of a fast start is vital.  We ended the season last year on a 5 game losing streak.  Continuing that streak would strip us of any confidence we had heading into the season.  Getting a big win is huge.  Especially with all of the rededication stuff and watching Brock beat all the doctors that told him he wouldn't walk again.  We will not lose this game.  We will prevail big time.  Have faith and GO BLUE


September 2nd, 2010 at 4:00 PM ^

Starting fast and on a good note is huge for this teams confidence and success for the rest of the season.  I believe strongly that this team will show the world that it's back this Saturday by man handling a solid UConn team.

Enjoy Life

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It is still a 60 minute game. I won't be worried (or start celbrating) no matter what happens on the first drive.

You're setting yourself (and the team) up for failure if you go into this thinking that if things don't go alright on the first drive then doom is upon us.