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During a recent birthday party for one of our kids, my brother and I were talking about going to see a game this year.  My dad, who is newly retired, surprised us by saying he wanted to go too.  Happy to say we have tickets for this weekend’s game.  We want to give him the full game experience because this will be his first game and only our second.  THis leads me to a question I cannot find on Google.


When we go to the Big House, does anyone know how soon we should get to the stadium to see the players warm up?  (And yes, whenever we go to a baseball game, my dad wants to watch batting practice.)


Second, pretty sure the answer is no, but is there still a "Victors Walk" where the croud can watch the players arriving?


Any other suggestions?


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I graduated a few years ago but if I remember correctly, 30 minutes early will get you enough warmup viewing. Also they stopped the Victors walk a few years ago.


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Ummm...not sure you are remembering correctly.  If you were a student you wouldn't have seen warmups b/c you would have been partying irresponsibly until late in the 1st quarter, arriving early in the 2nd, annoying people around you by discussing the coming evening's social mixer instead of the interior line play, and finally leaving late in the 3rd quarter to get a table at Rick's.

Does that refresh your memory a bit?





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Will give you enough time to get through the gate, locate your section and get down to your seat...maybe allowing you to hit the concession stand or bathroom too.

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You might as well get into the stadium an hour early for more warm ups. There may not be a Victor's walk, but if you go to the parking lot by Crisler you can at least see the busses arrive and players walk in.

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Make sure you leave enough time to get to through the gate because sometimes that can take a while.  Also make sure to allow for game day traffic and time to park and to get to the stadium from the parking.


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Either before or after the game spend a little time walking and checking out the giant granite M on the NE corner, the bronze Wolverine on the NW corner, the Champion court on the SE corner, etc.  Getting there early to see the warmups and the band is cool but also walking in with a huge crowd that is as pumped up as you, if not more, is pretty cool too.  Enjoy!  Go Blue!


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If you get there by 2:30ish, you should have little trouble getting through the gate and to your seats in time to see some pregame warmup.  Crowds start to get pretty heavy about 30 minutes out from kickoff, then you're stuck in lines waiting to get through the gate.


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I always go to Revelli Hall before games, to watch the step show (drum line). Then we walk with the band into the stadium, down Hoover. This really is such a great Michigan tradition, and walking with the band, and 100,000 + people, into the stadium really gets you ready for the game. 


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I recommend going to see the Step Show at Revelli hall. The MMB drum line plays a show on the steps that is pretty fun. I believe the show is 90 minutes before kickoff but there are always a few hundred people there so it is best to get there at least half an hour early. It is a 10 minute walk to the stadium so if you head straight there from Revelli afterwards you should get there in time to see some warmups.

Edit: beaten. Anyway I second the first guy who said it.

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You can also head downtown early and watch the team do a walk through at the church on State Street. You'll have some down time after but it is pretty cool.


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If anyone is near the Barnes and Noble at Franklin Park in Toledo, they seem to have messed up and put John U. Bacon's book on the shelf a few days early. Just snagged a copy.


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I actually just posted this on another thread and is applicable here, too.



In case this is the first trip to Michigan Stadium for either of you – or the first time since the new construction – these these are my recommendations to make the most of your pregame time:


• By 1:30 p.m., from Section 1 left stairway (at the tunnel), watch the players and coaches arrive to the stadium locker room.  Gates to Michigan Stadium open at this time also. I recommend walking in immediately after watching the team arrive.


• Enter stadium at Gate 1 and begin taking in the enormity of the new construction on the East side.  Note the old art deco style “michigan stadium” letters (all lower case) over Section 1 entrance into the bowl straight ahead.  These letters, and the corresponding letters over Section 23 entrance on the West side, came from atop the former press box.


• Take a peek inside the bowl from Section 1 or Section 44.  While there, note the section of chair back seats at midfield at the top of the bowl on the opposite side.  That area is the footprint of the former press box.  Note the spatial differences between the location of the old press box and the new sideline structure.


• Heading back out of the seating bowl to the concourse, walk from one end of the East lower concourse to the other, noting the signage of former Michigan greats along the outer wall.  At the Southeast corner of the lower concourse is a display of the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association Wall of Fame.


• By way of the north end or the south end, walk around to the west side of the stadium.  Along the way take in the special inlaid bricks at each of the four corners (entrance gates) of the stadium and the corresponding “plazas”.


• On the west side, note the shields mounted on the exterior wall of the lower concourse identifying each of Michigan’s 11 national championship teams.


• Again, above Section 23 entrance, note the “michigan stadium” letters.


• From either the southwest tower or the northwest tower, take the public stairway to the upper concourse on the west side.  It is the ONLY space from within either sideline structure available to the public.  This space, being above the last row of seats in the bowl, provides a vantage point of the stadium never before available to fans.  Be sure to take in the breathtaking view at the northwest end (above student section) of downtown Ann Arbor.  It is exceptional!


If you go with my suggested timeline you will have more than enough time to watch pregame warm-ups since you will already be inside the stadium.


For this seasoned Michigan Stadium veteran, these are my pregame recommendations.


Have a great day.  I certainly plan to.


Go Blue!