Gallon lifts with the O-line and not the receivers?

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I saw this on rivals (I don't think it is paywall) where Hecklinski said Gallon weight trains with the offensive lineman. Is that a true comment in proper context or was it hyperbole as a reference to his physical play? If so, I am not sure how much more of a bad ass Gallon could be. Let's see, he has super strength, cloaking and can leap small DBs in a single bound. The guy needs a comic book.



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A small man that does everything big. He has to be one of the most underrated Wolverines of all time, even if he is getting moderate recognition this year.


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Not sure where I read it, but I heard that before. It's pretty bad ass. I guess he doesn't lift with the receivers because it would waste to much time switching out weights. 

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I was one of the shortest players on my HS team, and would often lift with the lineman 4-5" and many lbs larger than me, and be able to keep up on most lifts because I had less distance to cover, whether from standing to a full squat or when benching from arms fully extended to  fully bent. Jeremy is 5'8' or 5'9", but big for his height and it wouldn't surprise me to see him put up 6-7 bills on the squats.


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I seem to recall an article back in the summer where Hecklinski actually said that to improve WR blocking skills in particular (that's what the article focused on, but I imagine the benefits go well beyond that) the WRs actually are run through some of the same exercises that the offensive line is put through. He's talked about sled work with the WRs and a few other things before.


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Count me as one of the guys that think Gallon is underrated and under-appreciated by a lot. I think he'll find a home in the NFL somewhere, even if his role isn't huge. 


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Gallon will go down as one of my favorite Michigan players ever, that said I'm very curious on his draft status. Where does everyone see him getting drafted? I would take him as early as the 2nd rd. But who am I


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My only question would be will he actually get invited to the combine? I'm sometimes confused by the people who did get invited and the people who don't. Anyways, I think his height and speed will be a knock, though neither are a big issue. The problem is he's not exceptionally quick and he's not very tall, so when you combine the two factors, it'll hurt his stock a little bit. But, not a lot because he's a gamer, he can catch passes, he plays bigger, and he's been productive in college. 

The NFL draft site lists him with a 4.5 40. So again, he's not necessarily slow, he just doesn't have elite speed. Obviously if he came out in the combine and ran a better speed, that's really going to help him. I've seen a couple of places compare him to Golden Tate. Tate was 5'10" and ran a 4.42 at the combine. He went in the 2nd round of the NFL draft, but he was also a college All-American. 

Just based on his numbers and the comparison to Golden Tate, I would take a guess that Gallon goes in the 4th or 5th round, depending on his combine numbers. If he can run an electronic time in the 4.4s then he's really going to help himself. A low 4.5 is probably what is expected. He can also help himself with a good game in the bowl game. 

Edit: He's ranked in the top 5 for slot receivers on virtually every site and most have him in the top 150 players entering the draft, though he's closer to 150 then he is the top. Still a decent play to be in. 


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It depends on what you need as a team. If you need a slot receiver who isn't lightning quick, then the second round might not be too high. My guess is that most teams aren't looking for that type of player quite so high.

My guess is that he'll come off the board in the fifth round or so.


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I don't see why anyone would be wondering why he does this. Does it matter if he lifts weights with his fellow position players? I don't think so.


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Recruit - "Coach, I want that #21 jersey"

Coach - "Well, I was thinking about the #1 jersey"

Recruit - "Huh, who wore that?"