FYI: LivingSocial Deal - $79 for SRO to Bama/UM

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on August 7th, 2012 at 10:42 AM

Includes food!

Per the Deal's website:

Exclusively for LivingSocial customers for a limited time, pay $79 for a Cowboys Classic Spirit Pass, which includes a standing room-only ticket to the game, along with a voucher good for one hot dog, one bag of chips, and a soda or water (Be sure to grab your tickets fast -- price is subject to change).

Link here

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Since Arlington is smack in the middle of Fort Worth and Dallas you'll actually be able to find tons of hotel rooms - it just all depends on how far you want to drive to the game.  We even have some of those crappy Budget suite hotels right off of 360 (quite a few of them actually) and I'd bet you could get in there if you really wanted to.  So, yeah, hotels are not a problem at all...


Hotwire has hotels on the south side of the airport (10-15 mins from the stadium) for as little as $28 for a 2 star hotel or $47 for a 3.5 star hotel...  Yeah, no BS, we've got so many freakin' hotels we didn't even come close to using them all for the superbowl... 


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I mean, sure, you could stay in one of those places for super cheap but there are still plenty of very decent hotels (Raddisson Inn, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn) that aren't that far from either the stadium or the airport and still have availability. I really wasn't kidding when I said there are boatloads of hotels and no where near enough people to fill them. If the superbowl didn't even fill up all the nice hotels you can bet the Cowboys Classic won't either.


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If this standing room is like the one used during the Super Bowl, then I believe you actually don't have direct viewing access to the field. You just get to hang by the stadium and watch the game on the giant screen.

I would double check before buying this ticket.


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So for those of you who haven't been to Cowboys Stadium have to realize that Michigan has already sold a bunch of the Standing Room Only seats and now its a living social deal so I'd expect the Party Deck to be extremely packed.  If you actually want to see the players on the field (without watching one of the many video boards either on the field or just outside the stadium), your going to have to get there probably as the gates open and have someone wait at your spot.  Google party deck cowboys stadium for images of how terribly those sight lines actually are (I'm having trouble embedding).

If you just want to go for the atmosphere and experience feel free.  Just wanted to warn people what they were getting themselves into.


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We have friends who live in Dallas and when we told them we were looking at SRO for this game, they told us to not even think about purchasing them.  Apparently, the SRO areas are nearly impossible to see the field...FWIW.

Darth Wolverine

August 7th, 2012 at 11:22 AM ^ some degree. They always quote you this super low price, but there are hidden fees that don't come out until the end. If you're going to do anything through Living Social, ask from the very begininng about the fees.


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I've purchased dozens of deals from LS and I've never had to pay any more than what the advertisement is for.  What fees are you getting tacked on? Is it a state to state thing? I'm in Texas and I've never been charged any kind of hidden fees for anything and many times the restaurant actually takes the discount pre-tax so it saves me even more.


I'm guessing if you're getting hosed with fees it's your state trying to monetize LS.


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I know that I am pretty late to the party but does anyone have an opinion on which ticketing service is the best? I know I will have to pay a lot (just out of college) but I would still like decent seat.


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Unless something really historic** is going on - and this ain't it - you will never get me to pay any amount of actual money to go to a game of any kind and not ever have the option of sitting down.  I'm not sure exactly where the line is between "superfan" and "disturbed, possibly psychotic junkie" is, but I'm pretty sure paying $79 for a standing-room only ticket in a stadium that has had a high-profile seating disaster for a regular-season college football game is on the other side of it.  At that point, my living room is all the atmosphere I need.

**I've paid for SRO once - for the Steve Yzerman jersey ceremony.  That's the level of historic we're talking about here.


August 7th, 2012 at 1:51 PM ^

Unless we are taking MaizeAndBlueWahoo way too literally when he says he won't ever pay SRO seats again for a non-historic event, I'd have to imagine he (and every other one of us) would pop on any reasonably priced (or free) opportunity to watch U of M from the sidelines in a heartbeat.  That, and SRO doesn't deserve to be compared to a sideline pass (where you coincidentally have to stand the entire time).

That being said, in my own experience, I went to the Kentucky Derby this past year and bought tickets to the infield.  I had to watch every race from the big screens and felt completely segregated from any noteworthy action (except watching fellow cheapskates entertainingly fail to handle their liquor).  It was awesome I can say I was there and cross it off my bucket list, but it was miserable to spend all that money to go there and to get a viewing experience that was much less enjoyable than what my own couch could've provided.

IMHO, unless standing room only guarantees a view of the action (i.e. the lawn or pit of concert, etc...), it's not really worth it, even in historical or bucket list type of situations.


August 7th, 2012 at 3:31 PM ^

Unless we are taking MaizeAndBlueWahoo way too literally when he says he won't ever pay SRO seats again for a non-historic event, I'd have to imagine he (and every other one of us) would pop on any reasonably priced (or free) opportunity to watch U of M from the sidelines in a heartbeat.  That, and SRO doesn't deserve to be compared to a sideline pass (where you coincidentally have to stand the entire time).

Nail on the head.  Maybe I was being too glib in talking about "never sitting down"....the main point is, SRO detracts from the game experience, IME.  Sideline passes fall into the "too special to pass up" category.

Oh, P.S., edit, etc.: in the interest of full disclosure, I stand all of five foot seven.  So to me, a crowd is a crowd full of Buick-sized galoots that I can't see over.  This is why I would smack tall people complaining that they're always being asked to get high-up things, if I could reach them.  This severely diminishes the appeal of which, generally speaking, the people in front of me aren't on a lower level.


August 7th, 2012 at 1:12 PM ^

Thanks for the picture of standing room only.  It made me relax and realize that I don't want to spend the money/time to get down there only to stand on my toes to see a monitor


August 7th, 2012 at 5:10 PM ^

If they had access to some sort of a Bar inside the stadium, similar to like Joe Louis or something, the $80 MIGHT be a good option, I've never been TO this stadium for a game, so I don't know if that even exists or not.

As for the flip side, if you want to go just to be "in attendance" at such a high profile game, it may be worth it...


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I haven't looked into it so I dont know if theyre standing room or actual seats, but I have seen ads for tickets on stubhub starting at $49. Just sayin'.


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SRO is VERY tough to see the field unless you get in EARLY and don't leave your 'spot'...

Look up "SRO Dallas Cowboys Stadium" and see what you can see for a Dallas Cowboys [playoff?] game...

This will be 5x worse. Two of the best traveling fanbases in football, not just college football, football. period. I have 10 tickets currently (in the 400 sections on the Michigan side) and I spent roughly $200/ticket... I may have between 2-4 for sale [at what I bought them for- $200ish] but the catch is, I won't know until the week before the actual game... I may still have a source for tickets, but if you want them, let me know sooner rather than later...


August 14th, 2012 at 12:40 PM ^

Don't know if you will see this, but I am very interested in your tickets if they end up being available. I will be in Dallas visiting my family that weekend anyways, and was really hoping to pick up tickets to the game. Do you have an email address/phone number I can contact you at?


August 7th, 2012 at 10:37 PM ^

I went to a Cowboys game once and chose SRO, it was a horrible experience! It was hard to even enjoy the large screen with everyone crammed into the party spaces. 

I got lucky for this game and got 443 section tickets for $250 :) Bam!


August 18th, 2012 at 2:11 PM ^

To anyone still looking for tickets last minute, this LivingSocial deal went up $10 to $89 per ticket. It sounds like a lot (it is), but it's actually a decent deal compared to the current SRO market on 3rd part ticket selling sites. Last I checked on the interwebs, the majority of SRO seats were selling for $75 and up, and when you factor in "service fee" and "delivery fee", they often are actually WORSE than this deal. Plus you get food and a drink.

So...unless you want to go scalping, this is probably  your last best bet.