FWIW: Kelly to ND via CMU source

Submitted by MGOARMY on December 2nd, 2009 at 11:27 PM

Sorry for posting a Brian Kelly to ND thread but I feel obligated to share what I just heard. I go to Central Michigan, and the CMU wrestling coach just told my friend in the school paper that he just got off the phone with B. Kelly and he will be announced ND's head coach tommarow. The wrestling coach and Kelly are good friends from Kellys time at CMU so I thought this was worth sharing.



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If "out there" means the nation? no. If "out there" is the state? then yes.

The Michigan Press Association (which holds the only statewide competition) has placed them 1st, 1st and 3rd in the top tier over the last three years. This year's Journalist of the Year was a CM-Life writer.

Look, it's not the world's greatest paper, and I don't give a shit about journalism. But give some credit. It's not exactly a rag. Some of those non-major school kids can, you know, actually be good at shit.


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i did an internship with the Michigan Press Association in Lansing and helped run the contest about five years ago - that contest could not be more arbitrary and 'throw dart at article.' judging is based upon tables of people reading the article, then reading 37 more, tossing out 30 of them and going 'meh, fine. Rose you let me choose best editorial, you pick best photo essay.'


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I also question it b/c of the timing.

Even if Kelly has agreed to terms w/ ND, it would be a "fuck you" of epic proportions to Cinci to announce it 2 days before the biggest game in their program's history.

Even if he has agreed to something definitively, why not wait 3 days until after the Pitt game to announce it?

Talk about throwing your players under the bus... If this pans out I will have no respect for Kelly at all.


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It's a difference of degree, not substance, but a huuuuuuge difference of degree.

If Cinci wins Saturday, they finish undefeated and have a legitimate footing from which to make a case to be in the MNC game. Even though they won't be unless Texas loses - which they won't - being in a legitimate position to make the case is important. If they lose Saturday, they have no case for it.

The Motor city bowl really doesn't compare.

Also, 2 days vs. 3 weeks is huge.


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I'm still skeptical too, but the coach didn't pass it along to the press just a student he talks to often. This could be bs but giving the relationship with the coach and Kelly I thought there was a good enough chance of it being legit to share.
edit: The student is in the "press" because he writes for the school paper, I was getting at that he told him in a off the record context.