FWIW: Harbaugh on ESPN Radio Now

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on December 1st, 2010 at 12:34 PM

For those interested. Just started (12:34 PM)... started off discussing Andrew Luck


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Well I know why you are doing it I think, to prove a point and try to get the CC posts to stop, it's just that, not only do we have to get those posts, we have to get your comments along with them. It would still suck if you only did it once a thread like JHackney and the bomb video, but you also post it on comments as well. I know people get frustrated with the posts, but you are just compounding the matter. It was ok the first couple times, but I know people are eventually going to get frustrated with it, you're a going to get the same response to your comments as you are giving to others posts.


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This is exactly why I can not stand ESPN, Collin Cowheard simply lets Harbaugh dance around and say "I just coach the team" that's the advice my dad always gave me.  No discussion of why he wont be coming to the 1985 team banquet, nothing on why or why he wouldn't want to return to michigan.  Interview lasted all of 5 mins, 3 on Andrew Luck, 30 seconds on rumors, and 1 on Oregon and wanting a rematch....



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Please be advised that you have violated the Prohibition on Coaching Change Opinions Act of 2010 (hereafter, the "Act"), profligated by Profitgoblue on November 30, 2010.  In particular, you have violated Article 2(a) of the Act which states, in part:  "Thou shalt not, under any circumstances, discuss Jim Harbaugh in connection with the Michigan head coaching job until Rich Rodriguez has officially been relieved of his current contractual obligations."

Please be further advised that, pursuant to Article 3 of the Act, the minimum fine for this violation is the loss of one (1) MGoPoint, with the maximum to be determined by the MGoCommunity.

Please be further advised that, pursuant to Article 5 of the Act, if you dispute the application of the Act to your thread/post, you have twenty-four (24) hours to "file" a formal written appeal by replying to this post.  All appeals will be considered on their merits as soon as practical, unless deemed to be frivolous by Profitgoblue in his sole discretion.


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If you're so annoyed, stop reading these threads.  People are not going to stop posting them until a decision is made.  Our team went a lowly 7-5, we lost badly to our rivals 3 years in a row, and the MSM is constantly bombarding us with rumors.  What are we supposed to do? Turn our collective brains off and zone out for a while?  This is a Michigan blog, and this is a Michigan topic.  Like it or not, it won't be going anywhere until DB finally ends it.  Get used to it and stop posting that fake ruling you made. 

I've been in CT for the last week and haven't been sitting in front of the computer all holiday weekend.  This is interesting for those of us who don't post every 4 minutes.


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Thanks for the suggestion.  Since you seem to need the cathartic relief, lets make 50% (more?) of the MGoCommunity suffer through threads and posts about the exact same thing, day after day, hour after hour.  And since you seem to care about the opinion of Joe Uninformed Shmoe, by all means enjoy these posts.  More power to you.

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Your honor, may it please the Court, I'd like to take a moment to point out one central point from my amicus brief in favor of Defendant.

In short, we must examine intent here; and in this case, there is no manifest intent to discuss JH in connection with M.  And we must examine intent from time of posting, when we did not know the content of said interview.  

EDIT: My comment is in favor of Geaux's thread, not any particular comment within it.  Apologies in advance for any misunderstanding.


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I was not commenting on why or why not Hargaugh should or shouldn't come to Michigan, I was rather critical of ESPN.  I understand how publisists work and restrict the questions of an interview, BUT I see no harm in asking why he wouldn't be at the banquet.  I personally would have liked to hear why Hargaugh wouldn't join his teammates and be honored by the University. 


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The MGoInfraction is hereby overturned on appeal.  However, please be advised that you will now be operating under a 6-month probationary period beginning from the time and date of this post, pursuant to Article 5 of the Act.  Any future violation of the Act will result in immediate reinstatement of the penalty levied for this violation overturned on appeal.


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Normally with these type of interviews they will talk ahead of time with someone on so they know what questions will be asked and the interviewer knows what questions he is not allowed to ask. Im sure Harbaugh wants to avoid being asked those questions right now.


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a lot of people talked about how it was quite an expensive shower... not many people complaining about that bathroom now."

"nope, what's a news story one day seems to not be the next" (paraphrased)


Cowherd's softballing the hell out of this interview

Harbaugh on Luck says he needs to do what's best for his family. Appears to be a departure from the Carr "graduate graduate graduate" mentality.


For those conspiracy theorists out there: Michigan (or other jobs out there) coaching spot never came up. may be a requirement for interviews?

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Intriguing test of the new Act.  Mention of JH; no explicit mention of M. 

We'll have to see how profitgoblue comes out on this one.

I'd advise for legislative grace here. 

*Edit: I've been overruled.

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Harbaugh came off sounding like a nice, genuine guy. The only thing I know now that I didn't before is that Oliver Luck (Andrew's dad and former WVU and Houston Oiler QB) is the Athletic director at WVU.


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OMGZ JIM HARBAUGH SAID SOMETHING ABOUT SOMETHING. I still refuse to care about this guy till he is our coach. I don't understand the infatuation with a guy, who ripped the program and had the SAME RECORD as Rich Rod through his first 3 years.