Future WrestleMania at Michigan Stadium? Mentioned by WWE

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I'm sure all of you on here are familiar with WrestleMania and how it is the Super Bowl of the WWE. The Pontiac Silverdome hosted it in '87 and set the national indoor attendance record at 93,173.

It returned to the state 20 years later at Ford Field and holds the Ford Field attendance record at 80,103. The event is a global attraction and brings in people from all over the world.

Anyways, on the WWE's official site, they put up and article about 10 venues that should host WrestleMania. And #5 on the list is none other than Michigan Stadium. Here is what is says-


One of the most revered stadiums in all of college football, the home of the University of Michigan Wolverines certainly lives up to its moniker, “The Big House.” With an official capacity of 109,901, Michigan Stadium is the largest outdoor stadium in the United States and third-largest in the world, making it an ideal host for WrestleMania and the WWE Universe.

In addition to being the home to the university’s storied football program, the massive complex hosts the institute’s commencement ceremonies, and has housed outdoor hockey games. “The Big House” also holds an NCAA attendance record of 114,804 during the September 2011 battle between Michigan and Notre Dame. Expanding the capacity onto the field area to surround the ring on The Grandest Stage of Them All would undoubtedly shatter that record, and create an unrivaled atmosphere of electricity. Not to mention, “WrestleMania in The Big House” is a great slogan.

The thing that makes me want to mention this is that WWE doesn't exactly throw names around for no reason. They only have their events at large stadiums and have just announced WrestleMania next year to be at the Superdome. 

I think this is a serious concern and it has a better chance of happening than most people think. Michigan's athletic department would make a fortune on this if they were to loan WWE The Big House for one night.

The Winter Classic and the Polar Plunge benefiting the Special Olympics are two events that point to future events being held at the stadium. The current WrestleMania attendance record was set at the Silverdome. No doubt, Michigan would SHATTER that record. Not only would the athletic department benefit largely from hosting it but the Ann Arbor community as well. 

I don't think sightlines are a concern because there have been many stadium WrestleManias. Silverdome in (1987), Reliant Stadium (2001, 2009), SkyDome (2002), Safeco Field (2003), Ford Field (2007), Citrus Bowl (2008), University of Phoenix Stadium (2010), Georgia Dome (2011), Sun Life Stadium (2012) and Met Life Stadium this year in April. 

I really have no opinion on this. I'm more in shock than anything. Just wanted to leave this here and get some thoughts on it. 




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Obviously there are divergent opinions on the idea of the WWE at the Big House but , in general, I like the idea of events at the Big House (and I do live in the immediate vicinity). I guess the big question is whether on not there's any word from the AD about such an idea.


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Personally, whatever brings people, recognition, and imo money into the area is a good deal.  Anytime that 100,000+ people are packed into that venue and we get worldwide TV coverage, that's a good deal.


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The same issues that prevent the Big House from playing host to large scale rock concerts and other similar events would prevent the WWE from bringing Wrestlemania here too...
Mainly - it's a physical issue.  The tunnel isn't big enough for trucks to bring equipment in, so any stage set up, sound system, and lighting rigs, would have to be dropped in via crane, or broken down to smallest parts and carried in for re-assembly, making any such production cost-prohibitive.

and that's fine by me.


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I haven't had time to reply to this thread but this is something I think would be pretty cool.  A couple things right off the bat:  I am a U of M Alum and a WWE fan, so yes, people who graduated from Michigan can like the WWE.

I've followed wrestling almost my whole life.  My dad was a fan when he first immigrated to the US and would go once a month to Madison Square Garden to watch the events.  When he moved to Michigan, he would be the ring doctor at local events (he met the Junk Yard Dog for old school wrestling fans).

People will say all of this is fake.  I wouldn't go with fake but rather staged.  Professional Wrestlers for the most part are incredible athletes who put their bodies on the line everyday.  Yes, the outcome is predetermined but that does not mean they don't risk injury every match.


I think this would be great for Ann Arbor.  The event would be the first weekend of April which isn't a busy time for the city.  WrestleMania would probably sell 125,000-140,000 tickets to the event, shattering any American record for largest crowd.  The amount of money that both the University of Michigan and the city of Ann Arbor would make cannot be ignored.

I understand many people are worried about drunk rednecks who would come to the Big House.  Yes, those type of fans exist but they aren't the only ones.  I've been to a few WWE events including two PPVs and the crowd is mostly kids and their families.  WWE is huge with children and having young kids come to the Big House to watch WrestleMania would only help Michigan's brand with the young.


Do I think this will happen, No.  Ann Arbor simply cannot handle that many people for a whole week (for WrestleMania, there is a full week of events throughout the hosting city).  To have it in Ann Arbor, you would have to lean on Detroit as well.  I would expect most of the fan events that happen the week of WrestleMania to take place in Detroit.  WrestleMania at the Big House and Monday Night Raw the following night in Detroit as well.

Before they even think about doing a WrestleMania in the Big House, I think they should first try doing a house show or a weekly televised show in Crysler.