Future at QB

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We've been talking the last few weeks about what our offense might evolve into over the next 5 years.  The consensus seems to be that Michigan will drop the spread and get drop back guys with agility.  

My question for the recruiting gurus is this.   Is Jayru Campbell on track to be the kind of qb that makes you question your philosophy?   I've only seen highlights, but winning the state champ as a freshmen is pretty sick.  I know it is a few years off, but is he supposed to be a Pryor like recruit?  

If that is the case can you imagine the internet during his recruitment with Meyer vs Hoke and the rumors of promises made and style of play preferences. 



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is a track record of winning with the spread (this year, and hopefully next) and with a West Coast NFL style offense.

I guess it depends on how Braxton Miller develops as a passer and NFL QB prospect the next few years. Pryor and Troy Smith do not give the previous Ohio staff any credit, and I don't know if that QB coach will stay anyway.


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He has grown into a 6'3'' freshaman who started for Red Lion Academy in Deleware this year. He had a pretty impressive year this year from what I've heard, and is definitely considered one of the top recruits for the 2015 class at this point (obviously there's a long way to go). He looks to be living up to the hype so far. Looks like this one might actually work out for Kiffin.


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My cousin's best friend's girlfriend's sister went to a middle school football game in Manitoba where the QB had 6 legs, ran a 4.1 40 and could bench press Magnus ver Magnusson 37 times (while MvM was simultaneously bench pressing a tractor tire).  It seems the QB's step-mother's favorite color is blue.  So, I guess what I'm wondering is if we should consider changing our philosophy (especially since it's proven so inflexible thus far)?


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You don't question your Big Ten football program's philosophy based on a 14-year-old kid.

This isn't the worst thread ever, but it's in the general vicinity.


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What's your vote for worst thread ever, Magnus? You've been here a lot longer than I have.

My vote would be for the one saying RR should be rehired as a position coach to ease the transition, but other people have spent a good amount of time reading awful threads before I discovered this site.


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I am walking up to a circle full of mods having a funny conversation.

I haven't been here that long but one of the HOF posts had a link to the Nebraska girl telling her bar story and asking relationship advice....which produced the funniest comment i have read on this site to date.



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I thought this thread was going to be about changing the system to fit Gardner's abilities, or maybe even Shane Morris (who won't even graduate from highschool for more than a year).  But you one-upped my expectations for this thread, and you started talking about what our offensive philosophy may or may not look like in 2017 and if we're going to change it to fit the needs of a kid who isn't even driving yet.  As in, he won't graduate from highschool until 2015!  Do you see what's crazy about that?


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Future at QB:  

1)  Sign 1 good to great QB in every class

2)  Start the one that is better than the other three based on (in no particular order):

       a)  Talent   b)  Experience   c)  Compatibility with the System   d)  Smarts

3)   Develop your back-ups in case of injury / graduation / transfer



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