Future MBB player hospitalized by plane crash - Updated

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Ed-Tim: A really sad story, especially considering Austin has been hit with plane-crash tragedy in the past. Keep the entire Hatch family in your thoughts and/or prayers, if that's what you're into.

2013 commitment Austin Hatch, just weeks after verbally committing to play at UofM was seriously injured in a plane crash last night.  His father and step mother died at the scene.  Austin is in the ICU at Northern Michigan Regional Hospital.  This article explains the crash with no names, and Dylan Burkhardt of UMHoops has been tweeting about it.  Prayers to Austin and his family.


Indiana News Center provided an update on Austin's condition with the details coming from a family friend.  To summarize, Austin is in a medically induced coma.  He suffered a broken clavicle, ribs and a fractured leg.  Along with that, both of his lungs were punctured and his skull was fractured.  There is minor swelling in his brain, but doctors claim to have it under control.  He is in critical condition, but doctors do believe they have control over the situation.  Continued support and prayers from the Michigan family to the Hatch family.



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New tweet from Dylan says that Austin lost his mother and two siblings in a plane crash 8 years ago.  Growing up is hard enough without going through tragedy like this.  Best wishes to Austin.

oriental andrew

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But those statistics actually relate to commercial air travel, ie, flying on the major carriers like United, American, Lufthansa, etc.  These private aircraft are part of what is known as "general aviation" which, includes charters and private individuals, like Stephen Hatch.  Data indicate that GA has 19 times the fatalities per hour traveled than driving.  

That said, it is tragic what happened to these folks, and for Austin to go through this twice in his life must be near unbearable.  I wish him a speedy recovery - physical, mental, and emotional.


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I hate to be the guy...but...

what the f**k is wrong with that father? first he kills his wife and two of his three children piloting a plane 8 yrs ago...still doesn't give it up...then he kills himself and ends his third child's promising bball career/academic opportunity at the uofm.

what a selfish moron...and he's a doctor!?  if you want to fly your own plane (or go sky-diving), go ahead, but don't make others risk death with you.


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holy shit, what a tragedy. especially after reading the tweet about his mom and two siblings. prayers to him for sure, damn that sucks


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holy shit, what a tragedy. especially after reading the tweet about his mom and two siblings. prayers to him for sure, damn that sucks


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Austin was involved in another plane crash eight years ago in which his mom and two sisters died.  Got a text from our pastor this morning who knows them well that this had happened yesterday.  Words fail.  Austin is doing better, but is severly injured.  His dad and step-mom were incredible people, and will be terribly missed.  Please pray for Austin's sisters and brother moving forward, and obviously for Austin's recovery. 


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I pray he gets through this, and that his remaining family and friends are there for him as he will need them more than ever. This is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard. Makes you appreciate what small time on earth we all have.

Mr Mackey

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Absolutely awful.. Wow. There are really no words to express how bad that is, and basketball is truly very unimportant right now. We just have to pray for Austin's physical and emotional recovery. 

Stay strong, Austin, you're in all of our thoughts and prayers.


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Good God! That's some sad news to hear while being so jacked up for recruiting updates. Thoughts and prayers to the Hatch family.


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Lord of Mercy and Hope,

Please show mercy on this poor child.  Wrap you arms around him and protect him from pain, both physical and emotional.  Give those working with him the wisdom and skill to do everything they can for him.  Bless those around him with loving hearts and open arms, that they might be able to give him that which his family no longer can.  Watch over him and comfort him.  Lead him with purpose through this incomprehensible path laid out before him.  Thy will be done.



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As reported by the AP, he and his father survived a previous crash that took the life of his mom, sister and younger brother. And now this. How horrible. While his physical injuries will heal, I surely hope he gets all the help he can to deal with the psychological devastation of this as it's not the first time. God speed to his full recovery.


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I'm at a loss for words. Just know you have an entire Michigan family here for you. No kid should go through this. You will be in my prayers.


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Devastating.  It hurts even to say our thoughts are with his family when he's lost so much of it.  All the best for his recovery, physical and emotional. 


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I just can't believe this.  In his post-commit interviews I was so impressed by Austin, what sort of world has him face to face with tragedy again.  He's in my prayers.


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No words can explain the depth of pain he will endure. I know the "Big Guy" has a bunch of requests lately. he has room for many more. Thought and prayers to everyone associated with this family.


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I almost couldn't believe the story when I read it -- this poor kid has endured (and survived) two plane crashes -- and lost just about every single member of his family throughout the course of both. The word "tragedy" doesn't even begin to describe that. My prayers go out to the extended family, and to Austin, who I am praying for to make a complete recovery and somehow be able to piece his life together again.

Wolverine Nation is with you, Austin.


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Sometimes you think things in life are hard or unfair.  And then there is news like this.  Most of us don't realize how f*cking lucky we really are....


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I lost both my parents as a teen. It's very tough to deal with. Basketball is a great way to escape from your own thoughts for awhile. The structure and friendships on a team helps very much as well. Hope the kid can recover and live out his dreams. I'm 100% confident his new Wolverine family will help guide him through the tough times. Best of luck going forward Austin.