Future Blue DJ Turner Opening Day Performance

Submitted by Minus The Houma on August 19th, 2018 at 7:25 AM

DJ and North Gwinnet took the field at Mercedez Benz Stadium. Their opponent, Brookwood, seems to have been aware there was a game, but not fully aware. The Bulldogs won 37-2.

I did not find any posted stats for DJ or for the rival Quarterback, that is likely a good thing. Iowa Running Back commit had a nice game on the ground, 142 yards on 20 carries with 3 touchdowns. Probably should get out some of the ol' snake oil for that.

2019 Commits, starting out 4-0 this year.



August 19th, 2018 at 9:41 AM ^

Ummm I’m not sure how YOU remember the Weber situation, but Weber decommitted from Michigan on November 22nd and committed to OSU on December 10th... where he remained committed until he signed his LOI.

Higdon was flipped from Iowa on Signing Day (February 4th)... about 2 1/2 months after Weber decommitted from Michigan and nearly 2 months after he committed to OSU.

Higdon was also our only RB commit. 

So I REALLY don’t think ANYONE said “we don’t need to flip an Iowa back, we already have two backs committed.”

You MIGHT want to do a tad bit of background research before you talk out of your asshole.


August 19th, 2018 at 11:11 AM ^

I mean it’s not that difficult. If you made the original point, tried to defend it with wrong information, you’re going to get called out. If you’re going to try to defend a position, defend it with facts instead of, again, pulling something out of your ass.

If you aren’t sure about the situation involving Higdon/Weber, maybe don’t use that as your example to defend your already shitty point without taking the 30 seconds it took me to find the dates 


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Sam Webb spoke with Weber the night before signing day and he said he was definitely going to Michigan. Rumor has it that when he saw the Higdon commitment on signing day he was offended and flipped back to osu. Speculation has it that he thought he was promised as the only RB in our class. 

The Fan in Fargo

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Either way, that punk Weber is a piece of shit person. That cheap shot a couple years back on Watson I think it was, took the cake for me. Back in my day, the next time Weber stepped on the field, he was getting lit up the rest of his days on every down. I hope Bush or Gary puts his sorry ass in sling this year.


August 19th, 2018 at 11:14 AM ^

Yet he never decommitted from OSU. So Michigan was going to run the risk of taking zero running backs on the whim of a 17 year old running back who was committed to another team. 

I mean, we were all hearing Najee Harris was definitely coming to Michigan too and we all saw how that turned out.