Furman downgraded to 3 stars? And Jefferson/Stills info.

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is an article from Helmholdt of Rivals on Furman, Jefferson and Stills, regarding their announcements dates (Jefferson/Stills at 9 PST Friday, Furman on Saturday). In it he mentions Furman as a 3* recruit according to Rivals. This must be a downgrade correct? He's on the board as a 4* and has always been discussed on the board that way.



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It seems like at some point the major recruiting services might want to create a new grading system that is based on the schools which have offered the player (in addition to traditional star ranking).

For example, a 2* with offers from Michigan, VaTech, Oklahoma and Wisc is likely a more valuable pickup than a 2* with offers from Kent and Bowling Green (not naming names with that one).

Would that new ranking predict anything? Nope. But we like rankings, and it'd be a nice way to condense what we all seem to feel is an important factor in evaluating recruits.


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I don't care how many stars he has. I just know that he is really freakin fast! One question, why is there no talk about this kid playing wideout? I watched the highlight video posted by Brian and Furman looks like a very talented and explosive athlete, the type that we are lacking at the wr position. He is also very thin and would need a couple of years to balk up and learn a new position before he can contribute. He could be a difference maker at wr from day 1.


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First of all, if he played anything on offense, it would probably be running back.

Second, in my opinion, while he's fast, he's not the most fluid athlete in the world. He's a little bit stiff. I don't think wide receiver would be a great position for him.


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Furman's HS coach posted over on another forum that U of M and V-Tech are recruiting him as a hybrid LB/S a la Stevie Brown and that is Furman's preferred position.


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Perhaps because it's from the other team that is a competitor for his services? This kid being a UM lock is good to read here, but also good to see stated by our competitor for his services. Its about validity.

EDIT: on second thought, I see what you mean, perhaps "interesting" is not the right word


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I am sorry that I found it interesting that Virginia Tech fans are already conceding. I am sorry I find it interesting that they say he is "a Michigan Lock". I am sorry that I thought a different perspective might be enjoyed, maybe even read. So, bottom line I am sorry that my OPINION of an article was not the same as yours. Can you create me a list of acceptable terms to use? Then maybe you can give me a list of what MY opinions are going to be from now on. Man that would save some work.

Blue in Yarmouth

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My point was that when I read "interesting" I thought it meant something "new" and in this case, something new would mean that Furman was going to VT not UM.

I obviously misunderstood what you meant by "interesting" and that is simply due to the fact that I don't find news everybody already knows to be "interesting".

When I read "very interesting!", I thought "Shit, it isn't a done deal and now he is telling VT he loves them too".

It is good information and supports what we already thought we knew, but the way I read it in your post I took it to mean something new, which scared me a little since I want him to come to UM. Sorry for offending you, that wasn't my intent.


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I found the link interesting. We always hear that Furman is a lock from Michigan message boarders, but that's the first time I've seen it from VT fans. Good work.


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You spelled my name wrong, you dick. I did have good will toward you, but now I hope you rot in Hell. Nobody spells my name wrong and gets away with it!


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Accuweather is predicting 6-12" of snow for Maryland beginning tomorrow night. Unlike the Midwest, that's often a recipe for a postponement or cancellation. Thus, I would think the game might not come off. If that happens, I don't know that it will affect the timing of Furman's announcement, but I thought I'd mention it.