Fun fact of the night [and general Special Teams discussion]...

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Michigan hit as many field goals in their win against the Spartans as [Michigan] did the entire year of 2010.


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Arizona just beat Washington by 5 touchdowns.  They've equaled their win total from all of last season.  In 2011 their only wins against BCS level competition came against UCLA and Arizona State, two teams that finished with losing records and fired their coaches at season's end.  They lost 48-29 to a Colorado team that finished 3-10.  This year their only losses have come against undefeated Oregon, undefeated Oregon State (by 3 points), and at Stanford (in overtime). 

Their head coach has already eclipsed his win total from his first season at Michigan (but yeah, it is always about the coach, especially when a freshman placekicker struggles).  The guys from his first full recruiting class (the ones who were true sophomores when he got fired and everyone said were too small and sucky to even compete in the Big Ten) have now won 80% of their games as upperclassmen.  A few not-terrible performances on offense could easily have put their record at 19-1 over the last year and a half. 

Hooray for hiring two good coaches in a row!


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You'll get hated on by most for this but I think Rich is a great coach and found a great fit. And here's to Hoke. Someone who truly does "get" Michigan.

The Hoke-Rodriguez Rose Bowl in 2014 will be a fun one.


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You know the axiom "you need the bad to appreciate the good"?  Just pointing that out.

I'm not sure many of us were all:

"MAN we just beat MSU!!! What's this post?  Oh noes, we did WHAT in 2008?  Well now I can't appreciate the win tonight.  This sucks!"


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On the two month anniversary of her joining, blue_kate, for reasons that should be obvious, is now among my all-time favorite MGoUsers. Assuming of course that she is not in fact RDT. Please don't be.


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Othe facts for community digestion:

 - Michigan now has the 4th best pass defense in the nation after yesterday's performance, averaging 143 yards given  up in the air. 

- Michigan remains steady at the 10th best nationall in total defense, yielding an average of only 286  yards per game on average.

- We have the 16th best scoring defense nationally, yielding only 16 points per game average.

The only one of those which represents a decrease compared to last year to date is scording defense. Last year, we ended up 7th in the nation, but we gave up one more point per game on average than we have to date this year. There are still five games in the regular season yet. In any case, tremendous play, particularly lately. 

As for the FGs, as others have mentioned, this is what a mere change in coaching style and staff can do:

FG% 2010: 28.6%

FG% 2011: 76.4%

FG% 2012 (to date): 85.6%

Incredible improvement really. 


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...and I happen to be beautiful as well.  Just a bit plump.  Hahaha... amazing what Google Imaging yourself will produce... this was 5 years, 2 kids, and 1 wife ago.  Now you can't say that I didn't post a picture of myself.  I still refuse to put an avatar up though.  It's kind of my thing.