Fun fact of the night [and general Special Teams discussion]...

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Michigan hit as many field goals in their win against the Spartans as [Michigan] did the entire year of 2010.


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It just means we'll never have to worry about ARGHHH GIBBONS YOU PUT IT THROUGH THE UPRIGHTS going back under the key matchup on game previews.


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Fun fact number two:

In the past 5 games, Michigan has given up 49 points.  This is 16 LESS points than they gave up in a win against Illinois, also in 2010.  They have had 3 more wins AND a loss while yielding less points than in that single win.  They have also scored 170 points in that 5 game span.


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(a) It's a very good development ... a good kicker is worth a lot

(b) It's a byproduct of Hoke's style of coaching ... express belief in the players and get them to work hard to be better ... kickers included.

(c) It's indicative of Hoke's attention to all the facets of the game

(d) Oh, and "brunettes"


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It's the "5" there that matters. He missed a 43 yarder in his first ever attempt at Michigan Stadium as a redshirt freshman. Then made a 24 yard attempt later in that game (UConn). The next game he went 0 for 2 against Notre Dame at South Bend, attempts of 39 and 40 yards in the second half. Yanked for Broekhuizen for the final PAT in that game. Note that Michigan won both of those games.

The bottom line is we'll never know what Gibbons might have done had he been given a chance to pull it together after the Notre Dame game. Valuable experience absolutely wasted as Michigan turned to a true freshman walk-on for the rest of the regular season, with predictable results.

Gibbons didn't get another field goal attempt until the bowl game against Mississippi State, a 35 yard try on 4th and 5 in the 3rd quarter down 31-14.


Bando Calrissian

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For most of the last decade, I've been in this general knee-jerk mindset that if we line up for a kick, i need to cover my eyes and fear the worst.  I'm unlearning this. And it is a wonderful, beautiful thing.  


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I started watching M football in the 70s, enduring a number of game-losing last second misses.

    *Two misses that had the distance in '73 vs tOSU (tie).

    *A miss @ tOSU in '74 (12-10 loss)

    *A miss @ Purdue in '76 (16-14 loss)

    *A blocked FG vs ND in '79 (12-10 loss)

It's about time we came up on the good side of a 12-10 game.


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First brunette senior to come to mind? BWC.  Helll yeah.  Images of BWC doing the double-biceps flex after putting on his Michigan cap when he committed.  Now that's a solid thought to get you through any stressful situation.

For all the praise Ryan, Taylor, Kovacs, Washington, Floyd, Demens and Morgan are getting, let's not forget that before the season started our biggest concern was how BWC would do replacing MM.  He hasn't shined, but the defense appears to be even better.

Random digression shout out to BWC!!! KEEP EATIN BIG DOG!!!!


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Ummm yes I feel this is a given here is why

1. Natural brunette which she is also probably but notice I am owning it (went blonde while at Umich, realized this was a bad decision went back brunette while also at Umich)

2. Pretty sure our jugs are the same size but most importantly

3. actually went to/graduated from Umich


So I feel the math is thus

+100 supermodel - 50 never went to umich - 25 never went to college (probs, idk for sure on account of drunk don't care enough to Wikipedia) + 15 jugs - 15 jugs probs the same size as MgoblogKate -10 heart probably doesn't actually hurt when Michigan loses = 15.


And I feel I can beat a 15 with my overall charm. HOWEVER I KNOW SUPERMODEL BLAH BLAH but am brunette and we are winning so I think the defense rests y'all


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but even Bolivians re-emerge with an alter ego...or new, future Bolivians appear. 

Who knows..just me being suspicious.  When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.


BTW--went to a softball game Friday--my kids got to be "bat girls" at Jim Harbaugh's old school (Univ. of San Diego).  Felt good to see some softball!


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Another fun fact: Last week Hoke won his 15th game at Michigan, which means he accumulated the same number of wins through 1.5 seasons as RR had in 3. With tonight's victory, he has now surpassed RR's 3-year total.