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I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this award possible, but especially Michigan Made for taking the time to recognize my contribution to the board on this night. Thank you, Michigan Made - you are an inspiration to us all and you make me want to be a better poster.

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When you count all the scholarships that they offer, then cut the kid when he isn't working out, their success rate can't be anywhere near 50%. If I had to guess it would be closer to 25%.

I'm assuming that this is players in his recruiting classes and not including players he inherited. My guess is there is a little bit of fudging of the numbers here... but still impressive anyways. 


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It's obviously not offers.  Most teams give out at least a hundred of those anually to sign their class.  

I think it's the scholarship players he signed.  Pretty incredible, especially given that half of his recruiting was to Stanford before the resurrection was complete.  I wonder what the numbers would be like for coaches at other major programs.


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I'm not sure how Sherman would feel about being front and center on this graphic either.  He doesn't have the best relationship with Harbaugh.  Sherman and Doug Baldwin both blame Harbaugh for their low draft status and what he said or didn't say to NFL scouts about them.

Regardless, Harbaugh definitely knows how to develop talent as we've seen with this year's team.  As a Michigan fan, I'm happy he's our coach and as a Seahawks fan, I'm happy Richard Sherman fell to the 5th round.


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I don't know.  Like all success stories, it's part talent and part coaching, but I didn't follow Sherman in college enough to have much of an opinion.

I think Jim Harbaugh is an incredible coach who knows how to recruit and develop talent and we are lucky to have him.  I was just pointing out that Sherman may not have been the best candidate to put front and center as it's been well documented (at least in Seattle) that they didn't have a great relationship.  Not all players and coaches get along and that's fine.


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I looked up University of San Diego football. It has been around since 1956.

In 59 years, it has produced 6 NFL players. Jim coached 4 of those guys in his three years there.

Moonlight Graham

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Got all their eyes pointed in different directions so they kind of "fan out" like they're busting out of the poster. Pretty meticulous. 

I would love to see a comparison of that same time period with other schools. My guess is that only Alabama and possibly Ohio State were close. Miami, Texas and USC may have had similar ratios in previous years.