Full video of the original "The Team" speech...has anyone seen this before?

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I searched everywhere and couldn't find this posted before. I've been looking for this video for a pretty long time, and finally came across it in a YouTube video, posted above at the moment the speech starts. Apologies if it's a repost....I thought the MGoCommunity should be made aware of its existence. I even found a mailbag denying said existence: http://mgoblog.com/content/mailbag-29

Here's the quoted e-mail:

"Hi Brian,

In regards to you question about Bo’s speech, there is no video only audio.  The speech occurred at a full team meeting at the beginning of the 1983 campaign. He would often address us in this manner on Fridays before we got on the bus for the Campus Inn or to the airport.  I can tell you that this speech pales in comparison to speeches he gave to us on Saturdays in the locker room just before we hit the field.

Best regards,

Arthur Balourdos"

Yet here it is.



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So what you're saying is, we've found the secret to Hoke's recruiting success?

Jeesh, sit a couple kids down, play that for them, and then raise one eyebrow and say "so how 'bout it?" and you're gold.


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Thanks, and sorry to those who prefer embedded. My screen is too small and cramps the page and makes embedments overlap with topics on the right hand side, so I prefer not to embed.

As a sidenote, the speech starts around 0:35.


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It's not a problem with your screen. I think the site is just designed to have a fixed amount of space between the two sidebars, instead of having it dynamically expand/contract based on content. I've got a 24" monitor running at 1920x1200, and even though the site (including sidebars) is so narrow that it only takes up about half the screen, embedded youtube videos still overlap with the sidebar for me.


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Schembechler became Michigan's 15th head coach after the 1968 season, succeeding Bump Elliott. He was hired in 15 minutes. It took athletic director Don Canham that long "to sense the intensity, the enthusiasm of a man destined to be a winner."[2] Besides a stellar record at Miami he also "brought a unique five-man angle defense and a guarantee that he would make it work within five years."[3] At Michigan, Schembechler became one of college football's greatest coaches. He won a school-record 194 games, lost only 48, and tied five for a winning percentage of .796. His teams never posted a losing season. In Big Ten Conference play, he had a record of 143–24–3 for a winning percentage of .850. His Michigan teams won or shared 13 Big Ten titles and made 10 Rose Bowl appearances. His 96–16–3 record during the 1970s was the best of any Division I coach. Schembechler led the Wolverines to a total of 17 bowl games, going 5–12 in 21 years, placing him ninth in all-time bowl appearances. He was voted national coach of the year in 1969 by both the American Football Coaches Association and the Football Writers Association of America


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Bo was the best. He was a great motivator, but as near as I can tell it worked because he believed it. Bo came to M as a little known coach in my sophomore year at the University of Michigan. Go Blue!


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Yes there is something about getting it, something about loving the University of Michigan. 


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Hmm.  Interesting.  That's a part of UM football history that even I didn't know...when Bo gave that speech.  I had heard it many times but never knew the year he gave it.  It was just something I never bothered to look up.  I kind of liked the mystery of it because the message was so powerful.



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Being down the last couple, other fans ask me why I am a Michigan fan and how I became one.  I of course tell them about all the great players, championships, history Big House, etc...  but there was something missing that I couldn't point to with the Michigan that was on the field lately.  After watching that video100 times, I thank you.  I NOW REMEMBER THE FEELING I HAD as a child for Michigan.  Dang I miss BO!

Will someone make sure that the cameras are rolling on HOKE all the time?  I can't imagine my sons missing one of his pep talks like I almost did with BO.