Full Allegations Emerge on Rich Rodriguez's firing

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EDITED (12:58PM)

By suggestion of other posters I have removed a college of excerpts which others felt trivialized the magnitude of the allegations.

I encourage all to read the full details before coming to their opinions. Appreciation goes to the others who have suggested ways to improve my post on this sensitive topic.




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and it's a horrible, sad situation, but wow, he sounds like Ron Burgundy walking around the office, and I have to admit a laughed at some of things he was supposedly doing. Purposely timing his workouts so he'd walk part her shirtless through the office? Not only is that ridiculously inappropriate, how can that be your "move"?



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In going through my copy of "Hail to Old Blue" I re-read the article about the RichRod hiring saga.  In that article there is a comment that Bo and Lloyd talked about Rich Rod and that Bo took the step to ask around and check him out.  At some point in the process (presumably back in 2006 when Lloyd was contemplating retirement since Bo passed away 11/2006) Bo came back to Lloyd and said RR wasn't the right kind of guy for the program.  Not sure what he uncovered in his research but since it's all hindsight I'm going to say Bo must have uncovered all sorts of things and that he wanted to avoid Michigan football taking a hit/nose dive that would have implications for 5+ years.


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Just think: Alabama almost hired Rich Rodruigez but he backed out to stay at WVU until Michigan came calling. Meanwhile Alabama hired Nick Saban instead. Someone yesterday said on here that “Alabama recruits itself.” I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I do know that their football fortunes would likely have been vastly different had Rich Rodriguez taken that job. Just an unbelievable turn of events. Now Alabama people act as if it’s always been this way. And Michigan has had to go through the shit shows of RR and then Dopey Brady Hoke until Harbaugh, who is now digging out of that sordid mess.

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I am currently visiting AZ right now, saw a report on the Phoenix news last night. Video of R.R. crying about death of a player, but he allegedly was told in advance by Matt Dudek that player needed help and he blew it off. It does not look good. Lots of weird stuff.


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and found to be without merit, or at least could not be substantiated, or is that another one?

Anyway, the ask of $7.5 million is a lot of cheddar. Bear Down! Lawyer Up!


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She wasn't the only witness who had left the University by the time they investigated. Charlie Ragel had made an oddly-timed horizontal move to Cal. Dudek was in Ann Arbor. Everyone mentioned in the letter who seemed the least bit sympathetic to her had quit their jobs by this past fall.

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I don't know. I feel like the culture / attitude of many head ball coaches is tyrannical in nature and always has been that way. Don't get me wrong, there is some shitty stuff in that letter, but most of it is more along the lines of "egotistical douche" than "sexual harraser / predator"


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I am old and you would think I would be on the "boys will be boys" side. But RR was far off the deep end here. Some of #MeToo seem really tame in comparison. This was mutiple times over months/years - not a one-time thing.

You Only Live Twice

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Read all the way through.    This is actionable and there are multiple witnesses.  There will be a settlement, something less than the first number.

Edit:  The incident where he tried to force intimate contact is only one of many examples cited and every one of them is trouble for the University and for Rodriguez.