FSU Transfer QB Clint Trickett May Visit Michigan

Submitted by big10football on April 19th, 2013 at 3:28 PM

Apparently he's visiting West Virginia, then USF and after that he may visit Michigan and/or Auburn.  I know he is leaving Florida State because he lost the starting job there, so it would make almost no sense for him to come here.  I don't see him beating out Gardner after spending a few months on campus.  But I figured this was a development and worth posting.


"Trickett, who was recruited by USF out of high school and by Bulls coach Willie Taggart when he was a Stanford assistant, may only take two visits, but if he takes any additional visits, they would be to Michigan and/or Auburn, said his father, who has been the offensive line coach at FSU since 2006. He took a flight to West Virginia on Friday morning, his father said, and will attend WVU's spring game on Saturday."





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which is a possibility.  I mean, at this point the guy knows he probably won't play in the nfl, so why not leave FSU for a better school.  The problem is, dont you have to transfer to a school that has a grad program your previous shcool didnt have? and FSU is a big school, he shouldnt just pick an obscure grad program the Uof M has and FSU doesn't

Perkis-Size Me

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If he ever elects to come here, I don't see him doing much but riding the pine. He's not going to beat out Gardner, and Morris is being groomed to take over whenever Gardner leaves.


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Would be great to add this kid, but I don't get why he would transfer here.  Didn't he leave FSU because of lack of playing time? And he's going to come here to be a backup? Seems weird but I hope it works out.


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Unless he thinks Gardner will dominate this year and head to the NFL and then he'll be able to beat out Morris. That's too many ifs. Whatever, let him come check out our program and when he ends up at WVU we can tell that we're even.


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He wasn't a great recruit, but would be a solid pickup given our situation. It's also possible he just didn't enjoy being at FSU enough to ride the pine there but would be willing to do so elsewhere (i.e., here) if he thinks it's a good fit.


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Talent wise Morris is much better but experience wise Clint may do a better job as backup QB this fall and Shane will get his RS season to learn the play book. If it doesn't work out, then I would not RS Shane and just get him ready to play in summer camp!


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as Gardner's primary backup and get him some game experience. Then R/S him next year when:

1) Bellomy is back

2) Cleary & Sweica both have 1 more year in the system and 1 will be the 2014 backup?

This seems like the best idea to me.