FSU Seminoles to pour peroxide on helmets and uniforms in hopes of beating Oklahoma in Norman

Submitted by markusr2007 on June 21st, 2010 at 2:23 PM

I don't know about this approach.

I never liked watching other kids get beatup on the playground just because of their ridiculous duds, so for that reason I'll probably be cheering for the Seminoles in this game.



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That FSU will be vacating their bowels at about the same pace as they have been vacating wins lately.  I'll be rooting for OK simply because we don't really consider them fertile recruiting grounds.  No use seeing a FLA school getting a marquee win...


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The helmet looks about three sizes too big on that person.  Kind of like the look tho.  Thankfully, I didn't see any "diamond plate tread" pattern on the shoulders.


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I'll be cheering for Oklahoma because Bowden was forced out. I hope they realize what kind of a mistake being disloyal to the coach that built the program into what is will be.


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I don't have a problem with how FSU handled it.  Bowden turned 80 last year.  The program is clearly no longer at the level it was at a decade ago.  He really should have retired a few years ago, and FSU kept giving him opportunities to do so, but he kept refusing.  At some point you have to pull the plug.  Bowden's waffling on his future was holding FSU hostage.


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I agree that some uni's are getting out of control, but if they just change the color to white and keep the overall theme - I think that is a nice 3rd uni.

And I think that was a mannequin (sp?) in the photo

Season, please hurry up.






Six Zero

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Contrary to what Nike tells you, ya can't have 'em both.

Despite the constant experimentation with pants, Florida State's away uniforms have the same classic appeal as their traditional homes.  First the black uniforms, now this.  I'm a bid disappointed with the departure.


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Reminds me of Oregon or Texas' all whites.  I personally hate when schools use significant amounts of white or black when it's not the school's official colors. 


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This is jacked up.  Can someone confirm this isn't true:



"Today, University of Michigan’s winged helmets are arguably the most recognizable helmets in college football. Ironically, the design was created and debuted by none other than arch rival Michigan State College, known today as Michigan State University."

Blue in Seattle

June 22nd, 2010 at 9:02 AM ^

Since it mentions that the Spartans, and in fact many teams at that time had wings on their helmets, since it was part of what made the helmet stronger.  Since the wing was a separate piece of leather it could be dyed a different color.

The fact that all teams abandoned the colored wings after the helmet materials changed and Michigan didn't is what makes it a traditional element of the uniform.

Wings on your helmets don't make you cool.  Being the winningest team in college football makes you cool.  Keeping the wings on your helmet, when everyone else just accepts the next uniform design from the equipment companies, helps everyone identify the winningest team in college football.


June 22nd, 2010 at 2:28 PM ^

The "wings" were part of the way leather helmets used to be stitched.  There was extra padding in the front, and many teams painted it a different color.  Contrary to popular belief, Fritz Crisler's innovation was not the wings but the three stripes.  He first did it at Princeton partly to evoke the idea of tiger stripes, and also so that his QB could spot downfield receivers more easily.  We hired him the next year and he brought his design with him, while Princeton immediately dropped.  (So it's not so much that we copied Princeton, unless you want to accuse Crisler of copying himself.) 

When helmets became made of plastic, we stuck with tradition by continuing to paint the wings and stripes while other schools abandoned the winged pattern.  That's when the wings became truly distinctive.


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to fix what ain't broke. I'm not an FSU fan, but they've got one of the best uni/helmet combos in the in business. Or did.

Section 1

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for the rollout of the "Pro Combat Uniform" last year, I had been thinking about how, uh, uncomfortable an all-black microwave helmet, might be in Tallahassee, in August:


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I think the helmet actually looks pretty sweet. However I also think they need to stop messing with FSU's uniforms though, I always thought they had one of the best uniforms in college football.


June 21st, 2010 at 7:40 PM ^

They are just uniforms.  I, for one, like it when schools have a wide range of uniform styles.  As long as Michigan never changes their helmet, I wouldn't mind seeing them get a bit creative with their uniforms.