Frozen Diamond Faceoff: Michigan Hockey vs Ohio Open Thread (EDIT: reairing on BTN at 9pm)

Submitted by hockeyguy9125 on January 15th, 2012 at 4:33 PM

Frozen Diamond Faceoff from Progressive Field in Cleveland

#15 Michigan vs #2 Ohio

Faceoff 5:00pm, TV: Fox Sports Detroit + (channel finder:…)

Reairing on BTN at 9:00pm




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Living in Chicago, the lack of TV (or stream) upsets me greatly.  If anyone has a bead on a bar carrying the game or anything, it'd be much appreciated.

M Fanfare

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Holy crap those Ohio jerseys are hideous. It's like the uniform designer lost his lunch all over his design sheet and his boss said, "You know what? Let's go with that."


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Hard for me to imagine them having any ice troubles given our long and proud hockey history here in Cleveland.    Maybe they wanted to really simulate the "outdoor experience" by having shitty, uneven ice.

El Fuego

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It's not on FS Detroit but FS Detroit PLUS?  What the hell!  They are showing some regular outdoor shit show on the regular channel.  Fuck Fox!!!


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Thanks for the channel guide! I was struggling to find it on Dish Network. This should help my sports ADD since I'll be albe to flip between this and the Packers/Giants game.


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It seems like OSU is allowed to mug our players both during play and after the whistle. Like three of their guys just went after brown 5 feet away from the goalie.


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it's like he refuses to pan back to the defense playing the puck because he assumes it'll just come back into the OSU zone. 

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