Frosh Zach Lee Qb LSU likely to sign with LAD, Does this let Les off the Hook?

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From MLB Trade Rumors, Zach Lee, QB LSU, will likely sign with the Dodgers. It does not say whether he will continue to play for LSU or not, I assume not. If it does, it does free up a scholarship. Does this make room for Elliot Porter? Not that I want Miles to be exonerated from his shenanigans, but it would be a silver lining for the player. I hope Porter finds somewhere else to take his talents.

Edit: Confirmed he did sign with the Dodgers.'



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No.  The fact remains that the kid signed to play college football and Les, due to his own assholeness/idiocy, wouldn't let him.


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That is true however it seems like pro style 4 star qbs might be in better shape then baseball recruits. One arm injury and his baseball career would be over.

Plus it seems like baseball prospects dont pan out at least 70% of the time


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I think thats true, but the same could be said of qb's when looking at them out of High School and evaluating their NFL careers.  Also his 4 million guarantted right now, ( that's an estimate from me), is more than Clausen and McCoy got in their rookie years after years of succeeding at the college level, two guys that performed.


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A college teammate of mine was drafted 30th overall and got $900,000 as a signing bonus. This was 8 or so years ago, so I'd imagine the 28th overall pick this year would be pushing a million.

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Joe Mauer was a 5* QB recruit and chose baseball over playing QB for Bobby Bowden...I'd say he and his 130 million made the right decision.  Also, he's a god in Minneapolis.  He will never pay for a steak dinner again in his life so long as he doesn't go all Lebron on MPLS.


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Reasons baseball was the right choice

  1. That 130 million is all guaranteed. That's way more guaranteed money than any football player has ever gotten. And yet that's not even half as much as what A-Rod got.
  2. Baseball players have longer careers and more options if they don't make the majors.
  3. Most importantly, his body won't be ruined when he retires.


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did the opposite and returned to Clemson after being drafted in the first round by the Rockies(?). Its all about passion sure you can argue safety but whatever sport these kids want to play is what their decision is be based on.


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He signed a QB who loves baseball as well as football and is very good at both. It isn't as if he didn't know this might happen. He could have signed another QB instead of Lee but chose not to. Also, I assume he is carrying an extra QB on the depth chart just in case this happened.

FWIW, I don't remember anyone giving Lloyd a pass when Drew Henson left. Expectations for the football program remained the same -- beat OSU, MSU and ND and win the B10 and the Rose Bowl.