Friendship (DC) vs Taft (OH) on ESPNU now

Submitted by Happy Gilmore on August 28th, 2011 at 12:25 PM

At halftime, Friendship is up 12-0. I just turned on the game so I haven't seen much of it, but from what I did see Eddie Goldman (#2 overall, #1 DT on ESPN) from Friendship is an absolute animal, with several sacks in the first half and wreaking havoc on Taft's QB almost every play.

Prospects of interest include Dwayne Stanford and Adolphus Washington who both play for Taft. From what I've seen neither of them have done anything spectacular, but I only saw the last two drives of the second quarter.


EDIT: At hafltime, Washington has 9 tackles, 1 sack, forced fumble, and tackle for loss


EDIT 2: At 3pm on ESPN and ESPNU Cocoa (FL, 2013 RB Tarean Folston) vs Colerain (OH, LB Joe Bolden)



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I'm watching this game as well. Goldman finally showed up towards the end of the first half and Washington has been the best player on the field. Sofas he has one sack, one forced fumble and 9 tackles with one tfl. He has been running people down all over the field and is honestly better than I thought, he is making some of the higher rated de's look not as good. Tafts line is so small Goldman shouldn't have too much trouble but Washington is getting gameplanned around by a much bigger line including blocked by a massive goldman. I had never seen Washington play but he is now at the very top of my wish list, the announcer is loving on him big time. As for Stanford he had the one nice catch but most balls are being underthrown in double or triple coverage so u can't really get a good idea of just how good he is. They just kind of throw it up and let him jump all for it. From what I've seen, Washington is special and playing like he should be ranked higher than he is.


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Goldman is indeed a beast.  Last year I was watching film on a common opponent, and this huge DT was tearing up the team we were going to play.  I hopped on the internet and figured out that it was Goldman, whom Michigan offered a long time ago.  I'm glad our team didn't have to play him.


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the QB for Taft is not very good at all....a very funky throwing motion and at least for this game on national tv he seems to have let the nerves really get to him. Just looks like he is in hyper mode.

Washington is gonna be scary good no matter where he goes to college.

I Bleed Maize …

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Washington is a man out there.  He is a great DE he plays hard on every play. Man he would have been a great pickup.  Taft's offensive line is completely over matched though, they are just to small.  Also that DB Tabor for Friendship is doing a great job on Stanford.  We need to get on Tabor early he's only a sophmore but has 10 offers already he could be a good one.  Taft needs a QB.

Happy Gilmore

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After watching this game I am amazed at the play of Washington. This kid is the real deal. He tore it up defensively all game, played O-line and made several nice blocks including a solid one that led to his teams only touchdown, and was even his team's kicker. He is very very athletic.

Stanford was very quiet all game. This was due to a combination of factors including a sophomore QB in first career start, consistent QB pressure from Friendship's D-line, and being double/triple teamed including great coverage by Friendship's stand-out sophomore DB Tabor (who also had a pick). Stanford also played safety and made a few nice plays.