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Cheers everbody!!! I can already hear the commentary ... "Shea drops back, breaks the pocket escaping the pressure from Nick Bosa ... slings it downfield to a wide open Tarik Black, TOUCHDOWN MICHIGAN!!!"

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I give ZERO fucks what Ole Miss contests in the filing, the only thing that matters is the NCAA ruling.

We should basically ignore everything that Ole Miss is trying to get Shae to change with the language in what's presently written - would not surprise me if they get him to try to change something and they then contest it again at the last second because they've found some loop hole that changes things.

You have to treat this like a court of law, there can only be one side that wins here.

Ole Miss can fuck right off.



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Here are some details

In granting the waiver, the NCAA could cite "mitigating factors" in the best interests of the player, sources said. CBS Sports reported earlier this month that Ole Miss objected with Patterson's assessment that he had been misled by the school and former coach Hugh Freeze.

Such an agreement would basically allow Patterson to gain his eligibility in exchange for removing language from his appeal there was "egregious behavior" by Ole Miss. CBS Sports was able to obtain Patterson's nine-page filing to the NCAA.

For now, this latest development would essentially allows both parties to walk away without animus.

"Shea has to release his appeal of the egregious conduct in exchange for Ole Miss making him immediately eligible," said a source intimately involved in the case.…


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The word "egregious" must carry some significance in the process of NCAA violations or potential court cases involving Ole Miss.  It's apparently worthwhile for Ole Miss lawyers to negotiate this word out of the case record by dangling the carrot.  

OK cool, Shea, welcome to the world of legal wrangling.  Change the word, move on with your life, score a lot of points at UM.


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Flower shipping season in the greenhouse! I'm so ready to see flowers 60-70 hours a week!

Just four weeks and it will be Memorial Day weekend. Let's go!


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The top 500 doctors, 10 defribrillators, a gallon of adrenaline, a couple necromancers, 3 paladins, a level 30 cleric, dr frankenstein, billions of stem cells, entire continents praying for days and a puupy licking their face couldn’t revive the browns.