Friday Schadenfreude: Florida board Eubanks meltdown

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Florida must have wanted this kid pretty badly judging by the seven page (and counting) thread bemoaning his Michigan commitment. Here's the link:…

Highlights include:

"Harbaugh kicked our butt on the field and looks like he can swoop in within a few weeks and take our recruits, as well."

"Well Nick, you better hope that you really love your new dorm room. Because you're gonna be snowed into it for 5 months out of the year. College life is supposed to be fun, not a jail sentence. I sure hope that, "Hello Walls", is his favorite song. Because he's gonna get to know the 4 walls of his dorm room real well. In no way could I pick a school strictly for the football side of it. Living in Siberia for 4 years isn't my idea of a fun. Chomp! Chomp!" (I personally always love the internet tough guys that are scared of non-tropical weather)

"I concede Michigan won the post-2014 coaching carousel. They really lucked into having Harbaugh as an alum and the fact the 49ers ran him off. But he's a one of a kind hire, the guy spent his summers as an NFL QB helping his dad with recruiting and scouting as some kind of unpaid, volunteer assistant at WKU.

The stories of Harbaugh on the trail remind me of Meyer."

EDIT: Best one in the whole thread -

"It's literally all about the sales pitch. Not record, not head to head, not stats. Its how you sell it. Just so happens we have Michigan beat on almost all those things they sold but they know how to sell it and we have the worst staff of recruiters relative to the program in the entire SEC. You could take almost any staff and put them in this same situation UF is in now, meaning new staff, 10 wins, ATL, favorable depth chart, 28 ships, PT everywhere, instability everywhere else, loaded state every year, etc and they'd produce anywhere from the number 1 class to something better than this."

Did we not just beat them into submission in their own state?



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Well, the play itself wasn't illegal, but the formation/shifting before the snap was.  Florida had two guys in motion at the same time.  Kelvin Taylor went in motion and then as he was still getting set, Treon Harris started walking around pretending to audible.  Should have been blown dead as an illegal shift.


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at the Florida Food Summit in Gainesville in September--it was grilled ribs, and they tasted positively amphibian.

Laughed at the notion that Eubanks would hate being snowed in in his apt in A2. I did my undergrad at Michigan and my doctorate at UF, and though I have strong respect for my dept. and program at UF, which is a top-15 public u nowadays, there is no comparison between the towns. Gainesville has a tiny, pleasant downtown, but nothing else. A2 is one of the best towns on the planet.

In fact, the dirty secret in Florida is that although UF is the more prestgious u, FSU is in by far the nicer town. Tallahassee (where I now live) has 3 universities, the government, and a population roughly the size of Ann Arbor's. To me it is a little like A2 was 20 years ago, meaning funky in a good way. And yes the weather IS delightful, discounting August and September. If you ever wondered why recruits cleave to FSU over UF despite the difference in academic quality*. . . I would have a hard time readjusting to the cold, but I would sooner live in A2 in a heartbeat than Gainesville.

*FSU has the #2 film school and a top ten music program, nice things to have for the rest of residents. Having the gulf 12 miles away ain't bad, either. Know this turned into a little ad for Tallahassee, but perhaps it will be of interest to someone. 


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I have spent a lot of time in Gainesville and it is a great college town.  To say that recruits "cleave to FSU over UF" is certainly a stretch.  And if you are going to compare to Ann Arbor, Gainesville is the town with the world-class research hospital (Shands at UF) and also a beautiful performing arts center.  That being said, I like FSU and Tallahassee a lot.  Great city to visit, but UF has the better academics, along with a bigger & more beautiful campus as well.  But, neither one have the culture of A2.

Everyone Murders

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Bug Bunny : Florida :: Lorena Bobbit : _______________.

(Unlike the actual MAT, I'll leave this one as a fill-in-the-blank.  First correct answer gets a dollar - just reply with your full name, address, SSN, driver's license number, passport, recent photo, and sample signature.  I need that stuff for the 1099.)


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This is not to bemoan Magnus at all, but he's also working with limited info. He's watching publicly released film and little else. He's not watching games or practices, talking to coaches and teammates/opponents, etc. He does great work with what he has, but he's not playing with a full deck, so let's assume our coaches share the same opinion he does.


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I think Conner Edmonds is a potential sleeper as a contributor, but he's not a sleeping giant. Simeon Smith is athletic, but he has to learn to play with his hand down. I'm not too high on Daniel Jokisch as an athlete. Of the three, I think Smith has the most potential.


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Way to rain on everyone's parade, buddy!
That's the kind of thing keeps you out of the 100K club!

I think the overwhelming number of downvotes is more reflective of the fact the point of this thread was mocking Florida being butt-hurt, so pissing on that is not as appreciated as his usual player rankings.
Fair enough?