Friday POSBANG / Air Force Roll Call

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Just thinking about the game tomorrow after a Friday morning bang...



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our family roots go back there to the 1850's, my two oldest were born there, and i could go on and on.  enjoy it for all the friendliness, innocence, beauty, outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, skiing that is there in abundance.  

incidentally, the 'secret' (if it is one) to fishing at stannard is to use huge silver spoons and huck them out as far as you can, then start a conversation with the guy next to you.  after a while, remember that you did cast that lunk way out there, and start ripping it, then reel, ripping it, then reel, and you will catch lakers, oh yes indeed.

not me, but a real fish from there: Image result for stannard rock lake trout

map to the place....

Image result for stannard rock map

901 P

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Just four tomorrow--each boy has one soccer game, and the older has a baseball double-header. We continue to have nice weather in the northeast, so it's good to be outside on the weekend. Hope it's a good one for you!

Everyone Murders

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My family and I love her to death, but she is the biggest pain in the ass of a dog I've ever owned - and I've owned many.  Unless someone takes a firm hand with her, she'll bully all comers.  And a dog trainer friend told me "yeah, that's pretty much the dog you own - you won't ever train the alpha out of her".  We get along famously, but she can smell weakness like a Don Brown defense.

Wouldn't trade her for two "good" dogs, though!


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I had a choclate lab when I was single. Truly man's best friend. Then I got married and my wife came with a whippet (one of the sweetest but most meager dogs on earth). Until the day she died, my lab never believed her status in the house had changed. She would stand on my wife's foot on purpose and was constantly trying to nudge her off the bed and get between us. I loved that dog. My wife...let's just say she still gets mad when I talk about that dog.


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Happy National Double Cheeseburger Day!

It's a great day to stop at The Olympia Restaurant and place your order . . . but just remember that there’s “No Coke! Pepsi!” and “No fries! Chips!”