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Beat Indians.

That is all.


rob f

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You're absolutely right in crediting John Wangler, too, on that play.  While Anthony gets---and deserves---all the credit in the world for making that catch, acrobatically eluding the would-be tacklers, keeping his balance and high-stepping it into the end zone, it doesn't happen without Wangler's strong arm and great pass.

Don't forget, Wangler wasn't Bo's starting QB early in 1979.  Stubborn ol' Bo instead went with BJ Dickey and the option offense to start the season until it was painfully obvious that it wasn't working.  Only in mid-season did he fully commit to Wangler at QB and change to a Power-I set in order to utilize the talents of Carter, Wangler, and Butch Woolfolk.

Johnny Wangler set the foundation for the passing QBs who followed him at Michigan.  More than anyone else, the Wangler/Carter combination changed Bo's offensive philosophy.