Friday Posbang!!!

Submitted by Joseph_P_Freshwater on August 1st, 2014 at 5:36 AM
Praise The Lord it's Friday! Go forth and bang your fellow mgobloggers. Also, post something funny because I want to laugh.



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Wishing all MGoBloggers a spectacular Friday and a great weekend; and wishing all members of Michigan Football Team 135 a great start to the 2014 season. Go Blue!


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Despite your compliment, I see that my post was downvoted.  Wonder if it was an MGoBlogger from the east coast. If so, my apologies to the downvoter for not having honored the sunrise by the other shining sea. . . . Maybe, I'm too old, but I don't think that I'll ever understand the negbanging in a posbang thread. Hope this makes up for not having sent sunrise greetings from the east coast.


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I will say that this has been a long, long week thanks to the storm on Sunday, so I am very glad that it is over and I suspect I will arrange to leave a little early so I can give myself  few extra hours of weekend this afternoon. I definitely could use it. The only upside to storms is the pay and the free food, although my wife finds ways to spend the money and I end up losing weight from stress during storms. 

What is hard to fathom is that, with this Friday and this thread, we begin August and in a few short days, Michigan will be starting fall camp, which means the season is not far behind at all. Indeed, the Countdown To Kickoff videos have returned and the warnings about getting your OT threads in before an as yet undetermined deadline have begun.

Soon, MGoFriends, many of us shall converge on Michigan Stadium...


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