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Submitted by Cranky Dave on March 4th, 2016 at 4:02 AM
Happy Friday from London. I should be paying attention in an offsite meeting but MGoBlog is much more interesting



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to be an interesting season.  It will be the first season in which the show is nearly entirely original material without a source to draw from.  On the whole I enjoyed Season 5, but I have to say that some of the creative decisions thus far from the show creators has been, well, unfortunate.  There were two occurences in Season 5, both involving Stannis that did not or at least, have not, yet occured in the book and I thought both were misguided. 

UM Fan from Sydney

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I'm glad I have not read the books (reading books in general bores the shit out of me and I don't have the patience to do it) and extra glad that the show is now at the point where the content is original. Now there won't be "the books are better" guy spoiling the show for people who have not read them.


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books are not better.  A Game of Thrones, the original book, is probably better than the show as a whole.  In particular, the depiction of the events in "Baelor" are even more devastating, to the extent you almost have to put it down for a while before continuing. (That is not to say that the show did not do a masterful job with it, somebody was definitely cutting onions near by when Arya looked to sky at the birds before it cut to black). However, as it goes along he introduces far too many characters with only minor connections to anybody in the story that it really gets bogged down and frustrating.  Interestingly, a Dance with Dragons, the latest completed book has some of the best material since the original.


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we'll see how the rest of the day fills in.

will not stay at work much past noon though, not unless a very large matter i've got 99% settled blows up at the last minute.   possible, but unlikely.



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All things considered, I've had a good week. My kids are both home from school; I got to spend two extra nights in my own bed instead of traveling thanks to Death Storm 2; and my ass is still pointed toward the ground instead of in it.

Tomorrow: German beers await in Frankenmuth.


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from Mexico. I love how we UM fans get around. And, btw, during my recent in-country tour of my winter home down here, I was setting in one of the plazas, common in every Mexico city, no matter how small, when a young man, 35-42 walked by, wearing a blue collared T with the the maize block M just above the chest pocket. So just testing, I asked Michigh, huh? He responded, oh yeah. Still not satisfied, because down here it's not uncommon to see men donning caps from virtually any college you can imagine, I stated those simple two words but always, based on the answer, display the truth. I uttered, "Go Blue," and without hesitation, I happily heard it repeated back to me with feeling. I'm telling you, my brother, nobody, noboby has it better than us.