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Your work week is (probably) coming to an end, Michigan nailed down two solid commitments this week and we're less than 7 days away from possibly seeing three UofM players taken in the first round of the NBA Draft. Bang away.



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Going to Vegas for the first time for a bachelor's party. For people who have been there, what are some must see places? We're staying at the Tropicana, if location helps.


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My whole extended family lives there so I have been there about a billion times.  I love Red Rock canyon- seriously I could get a tent and move there for the rest of my life if that were an option.  But I doubt that's on your list of things to see/do, but if the groom is into rock climbing/hiking maybe?  The Belagio is amazing, truly; the gimmicky ones like Treasure Island, Luxor, etc. are way overrated and you will realize that seasoned Vegas visitors don't go to those.  FTR I hate casinos, they are filthy and actually kind of depressing to me, so I am not the best person to offer advice.  So I don't know why I responded.

Smash Lampjaw

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to help my recent graduate find housing. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, because I hear it is a tough market. My started with an eagle sighting, so I take that as a good portend.


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but a mid-90's Uma more than makes up for him!

going to TC for the weekend with the kids.  May try to sight fish for smallies and/or carp with the fly rod in East Bay.  If not will lounge at the lake, tow the kids in a tube, drink Founder's Pale, and 'que up a pork butt.

rob f

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How about this "milkshake" (going for about $8.99 - $9.99/4-pack in various supermarkets and party stores)?

Name: Rochester Mills milkshake stout 

Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout, I bought a 4-pack earlier this week and polished it off already.  It's worth giving a try if you're into stouts----I plan on buying again sometime.


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Since Wednesday morning, I have essentially been nailed to a seat in a conference room in Belleville dispatching teams doing circuit evaluation for three areas inside our service territory. Indeed, we are still dealing with smaller outages this morning, not at all enthused by the prospect of rain later in the day. The only consolation I get here, other than helping customers, is that my paycheck for the next period will be a bit heftier. 

As a personal note, I did interview earlier this week for an internal opportunity that will allow me to do things a little more in my wheelhouse, and as a minor bonus, it pays a little more than what I do now, so there is always that. We shall see what happens on that. No, there won't be a "Hello" post for this if I do get it. 


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Thanks for the information on Twitter. 

They are trying to free up a crew on an adjacent circuit right now. Hopefully, they get to where you specified soon. Not sure exactly how far they are into fixing the issue which they've got now, but hopefully they are close to done and can head in your direction.