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First thread ever and happy to have it be a BANG! Going turkey hunting with my father in law today, so...shotguns, off work, check....'Merica, CHECK.... Happy Friday everyone, proceed to stay classy and bang your face off!

EDIT: Already corrected my spelling error



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just nod hello to your fellow mgobloggers and have a great weekend....

OP, good luck turkey hunting.  will try to take one of my sons out tomorrow here at the farm.  called for them yesterday and heard nothing for the first time in weeks.  hopefully they come back around.  would be that particular son's first turkey.  big fun and great eating. 

and someone call the cops.  east german judge must have been taken hostage - he usually posts this at 0001 hrs every friday.   i suspect alien abduction and we need to get him back from them. 


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those 12:01 AM EST "Friday" posbangs. This is the first one I haven't had to neg in weeks. Those are not true Friday posbangs. Our friends to the west of us don't hit Friday till it's 3 AM EST. I only recognize Friday posbang posts that are up at 3 AM EST or later. 

/rant over


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It's National Have A Coke Day. For those of us who were around and aware in the 1960s, we were told that, "Things Go Better with Coke."

Whether you've accepted that advice or you've stayed  Forever Young in the Pepsi Generation, or you've become A Pepper, or you've just decided to Stay Thirsty, My Friends and quenched your thirst with Dos Equis or any other alcoholic beverages, or you prefer a combination of two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen from whatever spring or tap it comes from, today, you're entitled to Have A Coke . . . but, if you do, Go Blue!



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Physical therapy at 8am then off to Indiana to get ready for our travel baseball tournament.

Should be interesting as we are the only team from Michigan. The rest of them are locals.


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that means summer is coming.  Following summer, we get football.

So for the next 7 months, we get great weather, football, or even both.



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It is Friday indeed, and it is supposed to be a warm, wonderful day here in SE Michigan, which I need after a week that has been rife with meetings that could easily have been avoided and left not a lot of time to do the things I would rather do. 

The weekend holds in store some minor home improvement projects, all of which are my wife's brainchild as I am burned out on home improvement after the last few years. Of course, as it is Mother's Day weekend, I shall help out all the same. 


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My homeroom kids just wrapped up a month of the M-STEP and district tests yesterday.  They've earned a class period or two off this time.  Of course it's a movie based on a book, because I have to sneakily coerce them into reading.