Friday Night NCAAFB Thread - Colorado @ Toledo

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Game's not for another couple hours, but it has schadenfreude written all over it. Hawkins guaranteed 10 wins this season, and he's already got one loss to in-state rival Colorado State. They play at Toledo tonight, which shouldn't be very good at all, but could be a tough game for the Buffaloes. Supposedly Toledo is a lot worse this year (lost 52-31 to Purdue last week), but Colorado is only a 3.5 point favorite from the lines I've seen.

Hawkins' kid is supposed to start at QB again, and their big running back prospect may or may not play this week. The guy was projected to be huge for them, but he was benched last week for poor pass blocking.

Being a Friday game, Toledo is on a day's less rest than normal, while the Buffaloes are even shorter. They played CSU on Sunday, giving them just 4 days to prepare.

So what do you think? Can Toledo pull off the upset?

Game is on ESPN at 9pm ET.



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i wouldn't say toledo is worse. last year they were 3-9 so i doubt they will be worse. their qb passed for like 400 yards against purdue, just the defense couldn't get it done. they will be better. michiganstudent, this was a bad game to bet on. the glass bowl is a pretty hard place to play and i like the rockets' chances.


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I was visiting family in Denver last weekend, and we checked out Boulder on Sunday for the pregame (beatdown) festivities. Maybe it was because the game was on a Sunday/Labor Day, but man, the campus was DEAD considering it was a rivarly game. A loss to Toledo would expadite Hawkins' pink slip which is what many-a CU fan was asking for.


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Hey there I go to CU and the reason that everyone was bummed was because there were some high hopes this season and then the CSU fans celebrated on our field.. Pretty embarrassing, CU wont win more than 5 games this season and Hawkins will be gone by December. But to say we done pregame hard is ridiculous you were probably 18 when you got here and afraid to get in trouble.

Jim Harbaugh S…

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of the Toledo/Purdue game - it is obvious that Toledo's D sucks, but I think they can score points.

CU looked awful against CSU, Hawkins is a terrible qb, CU's 5* shirtless RB is not allowed to touch the football, I really think the Rockets can score enough to win.

This game should be a great train wreck to watch.

Colorado might get debacled and further fade into Bolvian.


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i will be at this game seeing how i attend the University of Toledo. looking forward to seeing Colorado in person. Big fan of Hawkins but disappointed with what he has done at Colorado. Toledo has a piss poor defense (although you wouldn't have known that from last year against Michigan, which i was at. must have been the only wolverine fan in that crowd.) with that said, if Toledo can hang some points on the board they can hang in there for a half. i think the second half Colorado should pull away. This should hold me over until junior varsity football at 12 on Saturday and then the Men of Meeeechigan run out the tunnel and hitting the banner with a nasty side of them.

Should be fun for a half. either way, its football right?

Go Blue!

Chuck Harbaugh

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Hawk is just a placeholder - he is our Tommy Amaker: mild success mixed with crushing disappointment on the field; no dumbass self inflicted wounds (like the Barnett era strippers and weed and kegs and slush funds and assorted felonies less than outright murder off it).

We're getting our JB equivalent coach next season. If there is a god, anyway.

I met Hawk last year. Great guy. He would do really well in the MAC.


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CU's schedule this season as follows:

9-6-09 COLORADO STATE (Sun.) LOST 17-23
9-11-09 at Toledo (Fri.) - Toss-up
9-19-09 WYOMING - Likely win
10-1-09 at West Virginia (Thur.) - Likely loss
10-10-09 at Texas - Crushing loss
10-17-09 KANSAS - Likely loss
10-24-09 at Kansas State - Toss-up
10-31-09 MISSOURI - Likely loss
11-7-09 TEXAS A&M - Toss-up
11-14-09 at Iowa State - Likely win (?)
11-19-09 at Oklahoma State (Thur.) - Crushing loss
11-27-09 NEBRASKA (Fri.) - Definite loss

CU might only win 4 or 5 games this season. Hawk is in his 4th year in Boulder, and his team has taken a step back since a much-improved 2007 (6-7 with a bowl loss compared to 2006's 2-10 debacle).

But he seems like a good person, light years better than that scumbag Gary Barnett.


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Ahh Toledo has one of those ridiculous technicolor signal boards for their playcalling.

Also, how is it that Toledo's blue is allegedly darker than Michigan's and yet, it somehow seems more blue? (This is not a complaint, mind you. I love the depth of the navy in Michigan's jerseys, it's just confusing that Toledo's Midnight Blue would be darker than Michigan's Navy Blue.)

Also, Toledo just scored again on a 70 yard pass play. This is an entertaining team.


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In this classic rant from 2007, Hawkins sure makes it sound like the Buffs' summer conditioning program was mandatory. Why wasn't Rosenberg all over this?

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CU is in trouble. UT's QB had a nice QB draw for the TD

23-3, Rockets.

Edit: jmblue, what the crap did you do? This thread just became Charlie Weis.