Friday Night NCAA Football Open Thread

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on October 25th, 2013 at 7:54 PM

As far as I know, there is only Boise State / Brigham Young on ESPN at 8 PM, but for those of you who were in the mood for football, this is the thread to discuss this (or other) games. 

At last check, many sites were giving an edge to BYU in this one actually, with TeamRankings putting out an estimate score of about 34-27, for starters.

Some key things - Boise State converts nearly 60% of their third downs while allowing opponents to convert a smidge under 40% of them. BYU has considerably more trouble with sustaining drives, but they can stop opponents more often by the numbers. Boise State is far more dangerous in the end zone, but BYU is far more stingy in the red zone. 

This could be intriguing. 



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Boise's starting QB out which completely changes this game. Boise averaged 270 pass yards per game before the injury and had less then 200 against one of the worst defenses in the country. They average 170 on the ground and went for over 400 vs Nevada so I see them trying to pound the rock and BYU is solid vs the run. I see a close BYU win 38-34


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BYU's QB might end up being awesome. He'll be a senior when they come to Michigan in 2015. He's a great runner and his passing has improved a great deal in the last few weeks.

BYU's offense overall isn't yet outstanding, but they play very fast. 115 plays last week! That leaves Indiana in the dust. BSU also plays pretty fast so this game could be long.


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I was looking at that just now - he seems to have really put it together in the past month or so, and just now actually, he showed everyone what a problem he could potentially be. He's 5 for 9 for 67 yards passing and now has 27 yards rushing with 1 TD and we're not out of the 1st quarter. Very nice. 


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I'm very surprised Chris Petersen is still the coach at Boise. The guy is an excellent play caller and motivator. Hope he goes somewhere with great resources so that we can see what he is truly capable of.


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So, BYU only has 203 yards of offense on 33 plays so far, or a little over six yards per snap so far. If they aren't stopping themselves here and there, the Cougars could be easily steamrolling the Broncos already. 

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The guy made what I think was a fair hit.  He broke up a pass with a hard hit that saved a touchdown.  It was an instantaneous play.

I personally think it is an awful call, although I'd very much like a tutorial on "targeting."  If it was a good call, it is a bad rule.

I can think of a dozen big plays made by Michigan d-backs that would have been worse "targeting" than this.  We'd have lost Larry Foote for half a season.


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Can't start a thread on my Phone for some reason, but Michigan is now recruiting Ballage the RB again. I'm told to expect Michigan to bring in 3 to 4 more players in this class now instead of two.