Friday Night Football Open Thread

Submitted by KennyGfanLMAO on September 21st, 2012 at 8:32 PM

Baylor v. UL-Monroe is on ESPN, and Darryl Stonum just returned a kick for roughly 25 yards. Interesting to see how much playing time he gets. So far he has only returned kicks. UL-Monroe looks pretty good right now.



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Monterrell Washington ran past the only guy in the Baylor LB corps who bothered to hang around on that play for a 48-yard TD. I will say, Warhawk QB Kolton Browning looks pretty good out there right now. 

EDIT: Warhawk defense sort of skimming the Cliff Notes on the read option - Baylor's QB just got 15 yards on a nice read play. 


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ESPN mentioned this, but the "No FG" strategy probably makes sense - if you're stopping the run in the same way that loose paper stops freeway traffic, an FG will put you forever behind. 

That said, TD Bears, going for it on 4th and picometers.

EDIT: Costly fumble by ULM leads to Baylor needing only one play and a PAT to tie. 21-21 all now. If you're going to beat a somewhat speedy WR, your safties will have to come up with more than a gentle canter.


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I sort of felt sorry for Baylor's kicker for a moment - he was all about this potential 45-ish yard attempt that he thought he was going to make. "Finally, a chance to contribute...", he must have thought.

...but all is not lost, for here comes Aaron Jones to make it 24-21. He'll always remember the "WTF" timeout that made it possible. 


Leaders And Best

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Down 20-7, Pickerington Central rallied in the 4th qtr to tie the game at 20 with the PAT pending when lightning struck. Game is delayed until tomorrow morning with a little over a minute left in the game. That is an extreme form of icing the kicker.

Jake Butt's Pickerington Central squad rolled tonight 45-14 with a huge game out of Northwestern RB commit Godwin Igwebuike.

snarling wolverine

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Interesting.  Baylor throws an incomplete pass on 3rd and goal from the 5, while committing a chop-block penalty (15 yards).  ULM declined and Baylor kicked the FG.  I'm surprised they didn't take the penalty and give Baylor 3rd and goal from the 20, where a FG isn't a sure thing.


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to do with the fact that the guys playing ahead of him are talented players, who have two to four years of experience in Baylor's system. Stonum has talent, but he is not going to jump in front of guys who have been productive the last couple years and who have sigficant experience in the system, just like that.


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Really, going for the two-point conversion was probably a smart move for,  if successful, you can hold them to a tie and go to OT. Theoretically, of course, as there is no guarantee given the defensive play that ULM could get two more drives going in the next seven minutes.

....and then there was that. ULM brings the ball back to their 25 yard-line.

EDIT: Baylor gets the ball back quickly enough after a fumble on that read-option play. Apparently, there are "keepers", pass attempts and "here, you can have this - I didn't have a play anyway". 


September 22nd, 2012 at 12:05 AM ^

Boise's only score came from their D? Must still be feeling the pain from playing the highly touted sparty defense ... Or they just are not very good.