Friday Night Drinking/What Are You Watching Thread

Submitted by Bluenin on January 11th, 2019 at 8:35 PM

Got some Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon and enjoying some Ghost Adventures on this cold winter night!



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Thank you! But they're not home. NICU stay for at least a week, though no complaints here, after what my family had been through we are happy to have healthy, living babies. They only had mild hypoglycemia and the boy struggled with breathing because his lungs were under developed. But none of it was out of the ordinary or unexpected. Once they can eat from their mouths (as opposed to feeding tube) for 24 hours they can go home.

Blue in St Lou

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Medical care for infants is amazing these days. Be thankful they were born now.

My niece was born with a heart condition, had surgery as an infant, and grew up to major in dance at Michigan and formed a professional dance company in Chicago with her classmates. If she'd been born a couple of decades earlier, she wouldn't have survived. Now she has given us a beautiful baby girl.


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pfff.  don't sweat it.  first, mama comes with a dairy bar, you don't, thus an inherent advantage and insurance about waking in the middle of the night.  second, at least if you are like me/my mgowife, we are easily on different rhythms so that i am good-to-go most any day after about 0400 hrs and can be called into service when needed.  wife is a late night person, so that leaves only a couple of hours a night we couldn't cover with ease.  plus, make sure to involve your older child (children?) in the work.  bonding, responsibility, and candidly, they really will help make things go well.  so glad we had as many as we did, not the least of reasons is how much the older kids helped with their younger siblings. 


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That's all sound advice! I'm definitely more of an early rider like you and my wife has worked overnights in the medical field for years, so she's more than used to being up and alert at all hours of the night. We do have two older boys who are at ages where they should be able to help. The 7 year old has been very eager to learn everything about caring for babies but ironically it's the 9 year old who seems completely disinterested. I think he's just waiting until they're at an age that they can play video games with him before he gets involved. 


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if i could offer one other piece of advice in order to assist the family:  remove all video games from the home.  sports, books, chores, actual talking and/or playing games with real human beings, bonding with mom/dad/baby/little brother are all likely to yield a more interactive and productive son.  fear the social damage that being lost in video games can cause in kids.  


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i/you/we could make meth in almost any mgoblogger's house with what is in their cabinets.  easier than you think gang, but don't try it.  best meth making video i ever saw was one we seized serving search warrants for a biker gang homicide back in the day.  most professional marketing video you could imagine:  guy suited up in a haz mat suit, detailed production shots, cleaning, drying, everything.   too bad they kill people. 


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Nothing too impressive over here. 

We've got a bottle of Dow's Port being passed around and "Hanging With The Hendersons", a new vet show on Animal Planet, just started.