Friday Night B1G Football in 2017

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Delany said the league is reluctant to ask schools with giant seating capacities to host Friday night games, so don’t expect games to be played at Ohio State or Penn State.
And Michigan is flat-out saying no to Friday night games, both home and road. Delany said he believes the school simply prefers Saturday games for “consistency of presentation.”
Delany said there will be three conference games and three non-league games in September and October. No team will play more than twice.


When is this clown retiring?


Leaders And Best

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Minnesota and Maryland have 2 of the smallest stadiums in the Big Ten. MSU has already been hosting a Friday opener for the last couple seasons.

I doubt Michigan, OSU, PSU, Nebraska, Wisconsin, or Iowa will ever be involved in a Friday night game unless it is on the road.


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with the MSU season opener, especially since they do the majority of their recruiting in-state (heh), is that MHSAA football is usually played on the Thursday night on the weekend before Labor Day, which usually coincides with when the NCAA schedule opens up.


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Was good on a friday night. But who would want to go see msu vs rutgers on a friday night. Attendance would be terrible I think. All about the benjamins. I was never a supporter of paying the student athletes toll now. Shits getting out of control.

snarling wolverine

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For now.  But I think it's naive to assume that the smaller schools will put up with this in the long run.  They'll bitch to the league office that Michigan/OSU/PSU/Nebraska aren't doing their Friday duty, and they'll have the votes to force us to comply eventually.


Leaders And Best

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Unless the recruit is local, no high school player is going to go on a recruiting trip the night before his game. By the time the recruit is done with school and practice, it is going to be pretty hard to road trip afterward. Not to mention, I am guessing the last thing a high school coach is going to want is his star player taking a trip the night before a big game. Even for a local recruit, I am guessing that is going to be a hard sell.

Most of these recruiting trips happen after recruits have played their game on Friday or on a bye week.

Bando Calrissian

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How about "Consistency of Sanity," Jimmy? How are coaches supposed to recruit on Friday nights? How are recruits supposed to attend games? What about fans who have the audacity to work 9-5 jobs and may not be able to get to the stadium in time?

Quit trying to make B1GMACtion a thing.


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I totally get why MAC and Mountain West teams play during the week to get good exposure, but the Big Ten absolutely doesn't have to do that. I mean the conference had three consecutive games on ESPN last Saturday.

Wolverine Devotee

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It could be worse.

I could be a 60+ year old, have no job and have nothing better to do all day than literally neg everything a handful of users I don't like post. And I could at the same time change my handle 50 times in 5 years to further descend into irrelevance.

Man, that would suck.

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Good job killing this one, Warde. Positive points.

This is interesting, because the larger capacity Stadiums aren't expected to be involved. So this is for "second class" B1G schools that need the window.  So, doubtless Rutgers will be involved, and teams like Purdue and Minnesota.

Honestly as long as it doesn't affect Michigan I can't get too worked up about it, but overall I think this is a bad idea.