Friday MBB Open Thread (Non UM)

Submitted by dc22 on March 15th, 2013 at 1:03 PM
In the early games Indiana is up 14 against Illinois and Miami is down 2 against BC at the half.



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The champ game is Sunday at 3:30 eastern, and selection Sunday starts 7:30pm.  Will the committee take into consideration the results of the championship game?  I feel like the obvious answer is 'yes' that they do, especially if it's for a potential one-seed, I just don't know the deadline for the actual decisions and whether or not that would make a difference.


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I saw an interview with the head of the NCAA selection committee a year or two ago and they said that for the really late games (like the BTT championship game), they have two scenarios discussed and laid out based on the two teams playing and they then make their final choice based on the actual result. This can be to decide the 1/2 seeds or for a team that has no chance of an at-large berth playing in the final.

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Yea it's definitely not a guarantee we would be a 1. If Duke wins the ACC, they are a definite 1 seed. If Louisville/Georgetown win the Big East (especially by beating the other in the final), I think they get a 1 seed. And I think Indiana is locked into a 1 seed at this point.

Kansas winning the B12 would be interesting between us and them if it came down to that. And then there is Gonzaga, I have no idea what the committee would do if all these teams above won and had to be compared with Gonzaga, but I'm pretty sure Gonzaga will get a 1.


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I only seen a quick glimpse, but it looks like it says "Rose To The Occasion" Michigan wore shirts yesterday that said "Rise To The Occasion" I hate Tom Cream.


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Every time Illinois makes a big shot or a good play Indiana puts them back in there place. I hate to admit it but they are just a damn good basketball team. I hope we beat them like a red headed step child Saturday.


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Offensive Rebound Percentage:

Illinois - 28.6%

Indiana - 50.0%

Defensive Rebound Percentage:

Illinois - 55.0%

Indiana - 69.0%

Also, Illinois with an effective FG% of 38.2% right now. Indiana's is 57.6%


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Great dunk by oladipo, but did he travel....twice?  Receiving the ball he took a step and another, then dribbled.  then he grabbed the ball took 3 or 2 (and a half ??) steps then dunked


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How did such a blowout game take so long to wrap up? Now the Michigan game will start late and I'll miss the end due to a 1:30 (PST) meeting. Death to Indiana/Illinois.


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After this year?

It would be nice to not have to face IU with him next year.

Also - that swagger really makes someone look like a douche when they aren't on your team.


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