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NCAA TOURNEY TRUE FACT: The Syracuse 2-3 zone has not given up a point since Jan 2010 when Georgetown scored 7 in a 62-7 Syracuse win.
NCAA TOURNEY TRUE FACT: Jim Boeheim has more national titles that John Wooden and Joe Paterno have wins. Combined.


NCAA TOURNEY TRUE FACT: When Syracuse and Louisville meet in the title game Monday, it will be the 1st time a Big East team has ever lost in the NCAA tourney.


NCAA TOURNEY TRUE FACT: The Syracuse defense killed more Nazis in WWII than the combined armies of Denmark, Poland and France.

OK, that one's not much of a stretch.

NCAA TOURNEY TRUE FACT: In order for Albert Einstein to complete his degree in 1903 for his predictions relating to the transit of Mercury, the 1st Syracuse basketball team defended his thesis statement for him.


NCAA TOURNEY TRUE FACT: Incredibly, Wayne Gretzky was held scoreless in his best performance against Syracuse in his career. He was -4 in 33 mins of ice time on Dec 5 1989.


NCAA TOURNEY TRUE FACT: Michael Jordan scored -6 points vs Syracuse in the 1996 NBA Championships.


NCAA TOURNEY TRUE FACT: The 1985 Chicago Bears played a 2-3 zone. They didn't play it terribly well, but still.
NCAA TOURNEY TRUE FACT: The UN has voted to embargo and blockade the Republic of N. Korea b/c they have successfully developed a Syracuse 2-3 Zone.
NCAA TOURNEY TRUE FACT: The Syracuse 2-3 zone kills 1 out of every 3 people who have ever touched a basketball.

that's why the Allies recruited them VS the Nazis in WWII.
the RAF carpet bombed Germany with basketballs. The 2-3 zone took care of the rest.


Love to hear any of yours-



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The 2-3 zone isn't enough to stop Michigan.



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I am fairly certain that Wellington found that if you keep the 2-3 zone in motion and exploit the dead spots to get dribble penetration, you can defeat Napoleon. 

Swayze Howell Sheen

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2-3 zone: invented by Al Gore*

2-3 zone: used by my first girlfriend as effective defense against penetration**

2-3 zone: actually created by the Emperor a long long time ago in a place far far away. However, he forgot to deploy it on some exhaust chutes and well you know what happened...

2-3 zone: is actually a 3-3 zone, which is why it is so effective. key: keep telling the refs that "2+3=5" and hence you can't call too many men on the court.

2-3 zone: used to be called "a stupid shitty defense that makes the game boring"

2-3 zone: will not be talked about much or at all after saturday night. Boom!


* - sorry Al. 

** - actually not true; however, her genital warts were an even better defense



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I wish I were a Syracuse fan, they are so good!! They don't even have to watch film to know they will win the potentially 2nd biggest game of the year. I heard they are so good that they all took turns fracturing their legs just to show they can beat is one legged. They're good.


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Little known fact is that Napolean suffered defeat at Waterloo because he switched out of Boeheim's 2-3 zone and went man to man. Greatest single military blunder in history.

Ok, if we lose because our O gets shut down, I blame this thread, as fun as it may be.


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Beilein will unveil the 3-2 zone on Saturday. Neutralizing the 2-3 zone... Babies will cry. Nations will fall. Oranges will be crushed. Louisvilles will quit. Banners will be raised. Subs will be had. Craziness will reign. Couches will burn. Denards will smile. Jalens will Jalen.