Friday Fun Contest - Pick the FB Home and Home Series

Submitted by alum96 on August 15th, 2014 at 1:21 PM

While we wait to see if ND football burns down - let's have some Friday afternoon fun and have a contest where you pick the 2 "major" home and home series.  Whoever gets it right, we can come back to and give major POSBANG to. 

Please keep your answers short and start your comment with format

  • Team A
  • Team B

So we can find it easily.  Short comment can follow.

Remember, this is not who you want i.e.

  • Texas
  • Texas

but who you think will happen.

Here is a fun site to help you figure out who has openings, I assume these games are in the 2020s and Oklahoma and UCLA are off the clock for obvious reasons.


My predictions:

  • Georgia
  • Missouri

Reasoning: USC and UCLA are the 2 glamor Pac 12 schools.  We already have UCLA and USC comes to Midwest for ND already.  Stanford already plays Northwestern and ND a lot in the Midwest and frankly they could revert to mean in 10 years, they were horrible until 6 years ago.  Oregon we have not had good experiences with. Everyone wants Texas and of course it would be a dream matchup but I am going with 2 SEC schools, one would be a glamour matchup and the other just is a guess on fit.  Texas A&M would have been a 3rd guess.




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I've wanted a series with Georgia for a long time, so that's a "homer" pick. Why Washington? Because I like when Michigan plays Pac 12 teams in non-conference. Very scientific method used here.


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No reasoning, just think it'd be a blast to see these matchups. Plus, I have plenty of LSU fan friends, so we'd have plenty to talk about.


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Hope is that these are scheduled for sooner than later...

2018 @ Florida State

2019   Big House - Florida State 

2020   @ LSU

2021   Big House - LSU


Honorable Mentions:  Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, USC, Miami