Friday B1G Expansion and Coaching Changes Thread

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General discussion thread, but some interesting points. First, on the B1G Expansion, Barry Alvarez candidly said that Penn State was thinking of leaving the B1G (no idea why, the B1G doesn't have an exit fee, as schools make more money in the B1G than they can elsewhere) and the additions of Maryland and Rutgers were somewhat to placate PSU.

Barry also said that an additional school was interested, but told "No thanks" due to academic concerns.

This according to multiple people on Twitter.

Also, with Butch Jones out at Cincy, MSU DC Narduzzi is their leading candidate.

Also, this picture was tweeted out by (EDIT, a FAKE account, but still, in my heart I believe that's a picture of him) Brett Bielema about growing up on a Pig Farm



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I wonder where PSU would have headed? Unless it's the ACC it's not like they had a good place to go. And they would have taken a paycut. and as we've seen, it's not like schools aren't lining up to join the B1G.

My guess is it's Louisville who wanted to join but was told "no" due to academics. Thus they headed to the ACC.


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I live in ACC country and know a bunch of Penn State people.  Obviously, these are just fans but a lot of them would like to be in the ACC.  I realize that PSU covers the entire state of PA but from a Philly perspective, BC, Maryland, UVA, and VA Tech (and now 'Cuse and Pitt) are all closer than any B1G campus.  UNC, NCSU and Duke aren't far behind.

One of them something to effect of "We have 10,000 alumni in the Carolinas.  We have 50 in Iowa".

In addition to all of that, they CONSTANTLY feel screwed by the B1G refs.  This is just natural fan whining....but it's part of the equation.

In the end, PSU is more culturally aligned with The B1G than it is the ACC.  They'll be around for a long time and be a great contributor to the conference (after they've paid for transgressions).





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In addition to all of that, they CONSTANTLY feel screwed by the B1G refs. This is just natural fan whining....but it's part of the equation.

It's really cute how they think the ACC would solve that problem. I would hate to disabuse them of their innocence, but one basketball game against Duke or Carolina, or with Karl Hess involved, and they'll rue every bad thing they said about B1G reffing.

j.o.s.e maizenblue

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God knows there are way too many PA transplants in the Raleigh area... They have the fanbase down here, but like you said PSU is more culturally aligned to the B1G and I think financially its a wiser decision to stick with the B1G... if a move like that were to happen though, it would be a boost in football for the ACC and help keep schools, like FSU, from considering to leave the conference. If the price was right, you never know?!


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25.5 K alums in NJ, 22.5 in MD + DC, and 21.5 in VA.


That compares to 26.0 K alums in the eight non-PA Big Ten states COMBINED.  11.0 K of those live in Ohio.


Good point though that PSU aligns better culturally with the Big Ten vs. the ACC.  And schools like Maryland, Virginia and even UNC are becoming more "Northern" over time.  I was in Charlottesville this past September, I can easily see them as a cultural fit into the Big Ten.

gpsimms not to…

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Why not?  I've lived here for a year.5 (Cville), and am not that struck by the southern-ness.  I kind of agree that it seems a bit like other big ten college towns like Ann Arbor or Bloomington.

I do think the folks over the mountain, so to say, are bit different then a typical big tenner, but I mean so are the folks out in the woods in southern indiana, northern michigan, wisconsin, etc.


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In four years there I never once got the impression that the Midwest was anything but a foreign curiosity.  It may not be completely "southern" but if it's not, it's East Coast thanks to all the northern VA, MD, and NJ kids populating the school.  I mean, you could say that it's like Bloomington or Ann Arbor but you could just as easily say that it's like Athens, Chapel Hill, or Oxford.


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Totally agree. I wasn't on the "kick them out" bandwagon when the penalties were coming down in the spring, but adding Maryland and Rutgers just to keep them happy? They're a program in long-term decline. I like them in the conference, but I'd rather flip them for a school like Pittsburgh that might be a mild downgrade than seriously dilute the conference like this. 


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I'll bet the thought process is that if PSU is unhappy, they'll go to the ACC.  And if they go to the ACC, the ACC becomes WAY harder to poach.  It would complicate things in so many ways:

- Their presence would flip the whole state of Pennsylvania (which is to say, every television) from the B1G to the ACC.

- The supposedly less certain-to-stay schools like FSU and Clemson would definitely appreciate the football-themed addition.

- Moving PA from the B1G to the ACC might drop the B1G's revenue and raise the ACC's enough that Maryland doesn't see it as a worthwhile move anymore.

In short, lose PSU and every eastward avenue for expansion is blocked.  At least, that's the distinct possibility and probably the fear that Delany had in mind.  It'd be the Big 12 or bust if the B1G wanted to expand.


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I'm appalled at the idea that PSU could be blackmailing the B1G at this of all times. And the idea that you do something as momentous as bring in two programs to placate the short-term grievances of one? I'm not sure I even credit this story, honestly. It's hard to believe that the Machieavellian Delaney suddenly stoops to this for PSU with so many other wheels turning, right after hitting the school with a huge fine? Stranger things have happened, but I'll await confirmation. . .  extenuating details.  



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PSU to the ACC would strengthen it tremendously.  To the point that it would be a viable home for Notre Dame on the inevitable day when they have to join a conference for real. 

The Snadusky scandal aside, keeping Penn State in the Big Ten is an imperative.  If adding MD and Rutgres helps, it is a good defensive move at the very least.  The B1G needs to ensure they are one of the superconferences left standing when all the musical chairs are taken.



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this past year, I seriously thought the Big Ten may show them the door........kind of wierd that it was actually the other way around

Also, I'm sure Delaney cringes everytime Barry has an interview


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Also, I'm sure Delaney cringes everytime Barry has an interview .

If so, I say we interview Alvarez at least twice a week.  Maybe we can turn that cringe into a nasty twitch, which then develops into full-blown babbling insanity and we can commit Delany to the loving care of Nurse Ratched.  I'm for it if it stops realignment.


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...has my deepest sympathies.

As for PSU, I have a hard time believing that they really would have left, and I doubt the Big Ten believed that either.  Where would they have gone (especially now, given the Sandusky stuff)?   


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Its all fun and games until you come back from lunch to a meltdown on a site that is supposed to be a diversion from work and flounder around trying to figure out how to fix the situation.  That is only supposed to happen with work matters!



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Any thoughts on the other interested school? I know Missouri wanted in last year, and I'm sure many schools are interested in B1G money, but which one specifically would be interesting to discuss. I'm guessing if the OP isn't referring to Mizzou, then it's one of the other Big East/ACC schools.


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I sat in the row directly in front of visting fans for 20 years before I moved my seats down and BY FAR (not counting sparties because it's personal with them)  the most obnoxious jerk fan group was PSU.  One of my favorite exits from a game was a few years ago when in parody to their arrogant chant " We are..Penn State"  someone had a 2 sided sign that read on one side "We Own" ......."Penn State"



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The interesting thing to me is the glaring difference between the move to consolidate and set up super conferences for championship games and MOAR money, while the bowl games sit there and continue to get consideration from the NCAA and ADs when everyone knows that people want a playoff and more money (I think??) can be had from a playoff.  Tradition in conferences is losing clout but the tradition of bowl games survives.  Strange.


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He didn't say that Penn State was thinking about leaving nor that Rutgers and Maryland were brought in to "placate" PSU. 

If you study the demographics and take a look at where the population is, we are in the rust belt and continue to lose population.

“That northeast corridor, all the way to the south, continues to grow…Jim felt that someday, if we didn’t have anyone else in that corridor, someday it wouldn’t make sense maybe for Penn State to be in our league.

“That they would go into a league somewhere on the east coast. By doing that, it keeps us in the northeast corridor.”




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cinci will be coached in the interim by a familiar name: DL coach Steve Stripling. Roy Manning coaches RBs there as well. i will be rooting for them hoping a sort of michigan guy gets a shot somewhere.

"Stripling coached the defensive line at Michigan from 2005-07. He worked directly with defensive end LaMarr Woodley, a 2006 All-American who won the Lombardi Award and Ted Hendricks Trophy. Woodley also was named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and Lineman of the Year in 2006. Tackle Alan Branch also earned All-Big Ten first team and All-America second team accolades under Stripling.

The 2006 Wolverines led the nation in rush defense, surrendering just 43.3 yards per game on the ground. Stripling was a part of Michigan teams that played in the Alamo Bowl, Rose Bowl and Capital One Bowl.

Stripling's other Big Ten experience includes two seasons at Michigan State University (2003-04), four seasons at the University of Minnesota (1997-2000) and 13 seasons at Indiana University (1984-96). He was the defensive coordinator at Indiana in 1996."