frequent mgobloggers in columbus?

Submitted by will on September 29th, 2009 at 9:18 PM

Who all out here is willing to admit a central ohio residency? My last buddy who's a um fan moved and I miss having people to watch the game with who aren't hoping we will lose.
Has anyone ever thought of a map listing locations of all registered mgoblog users?



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I have been living in Columbus for the last two months now. Luckily there are a good number of UM alumni in the medical school so it isn't as bad as I expected.


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I just helped my company create a regional map to help forecast support needs across the company. Have maps on the brain.

Im enough of a dork that I am curious as to the geographic dispersion and user per square mile across the company. Obviously AA would have the highest ratio, but I'd be interested to see what other hotspots might be found..

Never realized how easy it was to map various locations using mapPoint or Google Maps.


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Born in raised about 100 miles west of you. Unfortunately, most of my friends are osu fans or don't really care about college football. I get to watch most games by my lonesome.


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I know your question was not directed at me, but I think most of us fall into a few categories:

1) Parents from Michigan / alumni ( I grew up watching UM with my dad who was from Lansing. My grandfather had his bachelors and masters from UM)
2) Not wanting to be just like everyone else
3) UM used to be very popular in central Ohio - back when we had Howard, Woodson, the fab five, etc.. You'd see quite a few UM and TX jerseys.. I went to inner city schools and the baggy basketball shorts that Webber and Co made so popular won over more than a few fans...

When I was 7 or so my dad took me to my first OSU/UM game and as we walked down lane avenue we were pelted with half full beer cans. After that day, I never even contemplated being an OSU fan.

OSUMC Wolverine

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I was born and raised in Central Ohio as well. Honestly I was brought up a rabid OSU fan. My eventual departure began in the early 80s when Art was the QB. In my eyes he was a god, but going to the games he got booed with every incompletion, every punt. It was very disheartening. Also, as I got older and continued to go to games it bothered me to see how opposing fans were often treated. The final straw was the firing of Earl Bruce, a coach who's only failure was to only have a winning record against Michigan and competing yearly for Big Ten titles. It was the culture that surrounds OSU football that drove me away, and to this day reminds me regularly why I am not an OSU fan. For someone who disdains this type of behavior, Michigan is seen as the opposite of OSU in every way. That being said, I love attending Michigan athletic events, even 450+ miles round trip every weekend. I bring my 8 year old son to games in the Big House, which I would never do in the Shoe. He has become a loyal Michigan fan. I do, however, have to remind him on occasion when he gets a little to routy toward OSU that that is beneath him. That is why he is a Michigan fan. Go Blue!!


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I'm a lifelong fan in the midst of OSU territory. This year has been so exciting, especially the ND game. Indy game was way to close for me. I graduated from Miami (Ohio) so Bo was always a favorite since he was an alum too.

Occasionally I get up to A2 for games. 2 of my kids went with me to the Western game.

while it has been ahrd living here during the losing streak to OSU, funny how quiet this town gets after UM wins.


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You work at OSUMC?


I'm from erie michigan, (just north of toledo, so I tell people I'm from toledo) went to M, moved to Columbus in 2000, wife and daughter are in columbus while I work on another degree in Cinci.
I technically live in Columbus, but it's hilliard city schools, so I tell people hilliard area instead of west side.

Did live in GC for 5 years.


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I grew up and live around Chillicothe. About a hour south of Columbus. I became a UM fan in 89' when the basketball team won it all. I picked them in my bracket even though I really didn't know much about them. Watching that team win it all I became a fan from then on. Before that I guess I really didn't care about any team. I was too young to really watch and care about college sports.


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There are plenty of Michigan fans in Central Ohio. Hook up with the Alumni Association for game watching parties and events year round. This Saturday, gathering at Gallo's Tap Room - great place (despite strong buckeye lean).


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Exactly - great place, owned by a great family. As I said, tends to be a buckeye haunt (violent mural, M piss catchers in the john). I've been many times - always relatively friendly. Relatively for buckeyes...


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I think it was Fitzgerald's on Bethel. Place was owned by a guy who was involved with the Ski Club. He was the sponsor of our softball team a few years ago. Nice guy. Crazy OSU fan. But at the time he was dating a UM grad. So to my understanding he opened up for the AA to be the place to go.


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Just north of Dayton here. I'm originally from Michigan. I still have a hard time understanding the hate they have for us. I mean there are only so many times you can be told you have shit on your shirt by a stranger without punching someone in the face.


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I have several fellow UM fans around. I make it a point to positively interact with any UM-clad individual I come across. It is almost like an instant brotherhood, of sorts. I always watch my games alone, and usually text my friends during. But my games are being spent grooming the next generation of UM fans; my 3 kids. They saw how excited daddy got after the ND game, and joined a house divided, I will be the victor.

maize and blue 52

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new to the board, but not new to the Maize and Blue..grew up in MI and have been toughing it out in C-bus for a few years now...I know UM bars have been a hot topic, but has anyone uncovered the best spot to catch games here in enemy territory?


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I work as a banker in Columbus and I have lost business because of my Michigan affiliations. These people have no souls. I actually had someone tell me I was bound for hell as a UofM fan, but I could find my salvation in Jim Tressel and the Buckeyes. I just looked at them, blinked, and proceeded to tell them that my whole family is from Michigan and I'm sorry they were born into ignorance and Buckeye despotism. They didn't know what despotism meant, so they just said "Go Blow" original.

I find the best place to watch UofM games is at home, on my 57" TV with the surround pumped, bearing my colors proudly.


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Grew up in Grove City, OH (suburb on the SW side of C-bus) and now live in Delaware, OH (30 miles north of C-bus). Evey one in my family is a Nut; Dad and brother are both OSU alumns (Dad: undergrad business, brother: law school). I was always a snot-nosed punk contrarian as a kid so I picked the teams that would piss my old man UM was the team for me! Plus, the unis, helmets and fight song are the best in CFB, which is the most important aspect of the game when you are 10 years least it was for me.


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I've lived in Springfield, about 40 minutes outside of CBus, for 24 miserable years now. I work in Columbus, and every Saturday when I have to drive home from A2 after the game, is always the saddest day of my life. But the upside is that I'll be making the move to Ann Arbor in the spring, and I'll never have to come back!