Fred Jackson: Toussaint is "Michael Hart with speed."

Submitted by wolverine1987 on August 29th, 2010 at 11:58 AM

In an otherwise uneventful article in the Freep, not linked here, Fred Jackson goes all Fred Jackson on Fitz Toussaint:

How talented is Toussaint?

"Michael Hart ability with speed," Jackson said, comparing Toussaint to U-M's all-time leading rusher. "The kind of guy that can do Michael's cuts, he can sit down, sink his hips and explode by making steps. He's faster than Mike and a very, very tough guy, like Mike was. He's very similar to Mike. He's not the type of inside runner Mike was -- but he's going to get there."

While Fred is known for a slight tendency toward hyperbole, this is good to hear and consistent with Former Wolv's statement that Fitz was a clear #1 before his latest injury





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Thats scary for the rest of the big 10....I loved Mike Hart as a back but i cant remember how many times i thought to myself that if he had even 4.5 speed how much more of a game changer he would have been


August 29th, 2010 at 3:30 PM ^

The last answer in this Q&A strongly suggests it's neck trouble (nothing more specific than that):

In that Q&A he also addresses Jackson comparing him to Hart with speed. Says: “I’ll say, I ain’t ready for that statement (laughter). Mike Hart is something else. I’m just not ready for that. I’ve still got a ways too go."


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I've heard this comparison a lot actually.  As long as Fitz works hard and stays healthy and humble then I believe he has the capability to be a game changer.  Watching his high school film, alongside Mike's high school film, it's easy to see why coach Jackson made this comparison.  6 days baby!  GO BLUE

Zone Left

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For a guy that hasn't played a real down yet?  That's a little over the top, even for Fred Jackson.  Am I really going to have to remember how to spell "Toussaint?"


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GIve Fred a break - he is not saying Fitz will have the career Hart had, he is saying that, from practice, it seems like he has the potential to. Thus, Jackson is saying that if he had to compare Fitz to a former Michigan rb, Fitz plays, in practice, most like Hart, instead of like Brown, Minor, etc.


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This seems like the Fred Jackson equivalent of saying, "This guy sucks at football."

I was hoping for something about our running backs having the legs of a cheetah combined with the teeth of a great white shark and the body of an abrams tank (but maybe needing to work a little more on pass blocking, just to keep the guy motivated).


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Man, I want Fred Jackson to describe everything in my life.

"1.  His ability to cook Hamburger Helper reminds me of a young Wolfgang Puck, with the flair of Bobby Flay and the focus of Gordon Ramsey!"

"2.  His ability to program is like Linux Torvald, but with speed!"

"3.  His juking ability playing flag football on Sunday is like Barry Sanders, but if Barry Sanders was built like Calvin Johnson and had the looks of a young Denzel!"

"4.  His ability to make love is like me, Fred Jackson, but with real hip wiggle!"

Sac Fly

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... jackson quote, "Taylor Lewan doesn’t just pave roads, he drafts them and negotiates the city contract, then hires the day laborers and manages the site."

Hoken's Heroes

August 30th, 2010 at 12:57 AM ^

...but to use the ol' cliche, "what have you done for me lately?" Until he sees the field and makes defenders eat rubber crumb from the field turf, then all the comparisons mean squat. Sorry, but I am putting on my game face because I really don't have time for hype about what these kids do on the practice field. I want to see the hype turn into reality on Saturday when Michigan shocks the college football world in 2010 by going undefeated and ripping the guts out of each and every team they play.