Fred Jackson RB Fluff via Tremendous - Must Read

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I laughed out loud at least twice. 

Great work by Tremendous on this one..




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You're right that no one knows yet what will happen, but it sure seems like he's going to play.  Sounds like Hoke is giving him the opportunity to show his commitment and do his penance in order to play, and I have to imagine Fitz is going to go above and beyond in order to get in that game.  He's always seemed like a guy that's got his head on straight and is serious about the team.  Just made a dumb mistake that a lot of intelligent people have made before.  I'll understand either way.


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If Fitz was on MSU or Ohio State and did ehat he did, and they were starting their schedule off sith a huge game, we would be negging them so bad for how they let him play with virtually no punishment and talking about how they are dirty and all that stuff. But since he's on Mich, most everyone on here is totally fine with him playing. I want, need, him to play just as bad as everyone else, but he doesn't deserve to against Bama


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Never ever ever ever capitalize ohio or say the state word. They don't deserve either. They are douchers, almost to the level of Dantonio. I will tell my uncle to quit banging your mom, because she is no longer worthy after producing you. Go home!


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Sparty Troll? Everything he posted was true. If Michigan State or Ohio State had a starter with a DUI we would be ripping them if the starter got no discipline. And if there was any discipline for an Ohio State player, people on here would be going on about "Meyer is just freeing up a scholarship" or some other BS

Blue in Yarmouth

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I disagree with you because your premise is completey off base. We know for a fact that Fitz has already (and is currently) being punished, so saying he is getting away without being punished is not accurate in the least. 

If this had happened during the season and he didn't miss a game I would agree with you, but it didn't, and it left BH a lot of time to hand out his discipline without having the need to hold him out of a game. And before you continue on your rant about how I would react if this was an ohio or msu player, I said the same thing about Michael Floyd last year...Kelly had plenty of time before the start of the saeason to punish him without having to keep him out of game action (whether he did is another story). 

Everything we know about BH tells us he takes violations of team rules (and players breaking the law) very seriously, so if he says Fitz and Clark are paying the price now...I believe him.


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I guess it just comes down to whether or not you think missing a week of half-practices and running stairs is adequate for a DUI. I don't think it is, and if Fitz plays against Bama there's gonna be some flak, and defending that is going to sound a lot like ND homers telling us "No, Michael Floyd did get punished. He lost his captaincy and had to do community service and ran a bunch".


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At the end of the day, I think the only way to say if the punishment was adequate is to see if it happens again. If we are having this discussion again next year, we will know that it wasn't enough. On the other hand, I would hate to think that the team lost a winnable game over the defending national champs because of a mistake made by one person.

rob f

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but even more, his optimism.  That man is FIRED UP about the possibilities, FIRED UP about each and every one of those running backs!


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Yeah, the two most comical segments of Jackson quotage for me were the Norfleet quote and the Hopkins bit where he stated he "nearly said something he shouldn't have." Whether he said it or not, I most definitely heard it in my head. And it was friggin' hilarious. Samuel L. Jackson style.


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Great piece really by Tremendous, and of course, the fact that the interviewee is Fred Jackson makes it great.

Personal favorite (not alone in this, I see from other comments):

Regarding Norfleet: "Norfleet could run right underneath that table going full speed and won't hit his head."

There is no other person on that staff that could have come up with that, I think. I laughed quite a bit.

I do like that Fred seems very upbeat about the possibilities and potential at this position, however. It sounds like Jackson already has a pretty good idea of where he wants Hopkins, Rawls, Fitz etc...but then, these are excellent problems to have. Especially when the Alabama game is still not for a few weeks, it is good to hear that some players are practicing like they want to play Alabama (his words regarding Hopkins). 

Specifically about Fitz, I like the fact that Fred will prepare him as if he will play against Alabama even if he may not - for the time being really, all the better for when he does get into the mix if you prepare for Alabama from the start. 




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...I'm not at all disappointed with Rawls as the starter. The kid impresses me and I don't think the thought of playing Alabama will intimidate him. I also can't wait to see Norfleet in return duties. He can really scoot.