Former Wolverine Update - Stauskas on Roster Bubble with 76ers

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As a 76ers fan, I have been rooting hard for Stauskas to make a comeback with my hometown team. Unfortunately, he looks to be running out of time to make his mark in the NBA.

Here's a local article with a more optimistic take on Nik's future role with the team:

Even that article has this ominous quote:

Nobody mentions Stauskas among the players who are supposed to be here when the Sixers, after all this rebuilding and all those injuries, start to coalesce into a competitive basketball team.


Fans are calling for him to be cut as guys who have shown flashes fight for roster spots. Ironically, one of his B1G brethren -- undrafted former Illini SG Brandon Paul -- is threatening to put Nik out of a job. If Stauskas doesn't find his stroke, and soon, then he's probably going to be gone.



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did not see that one coming.  I thought he would have a long and productive NBA career.  Maybe putting the ball in his hands more at the point could be what he needs.  Get some screens and get some shots.


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Me too. I was excited when the Kings basically gifted him to us for temporary cap room.

And Philly looked to be a great landing spot for him. We need outside shooting and we haven't cared about being competitive, so he's had a lot of time to work on his stroke in game situations without worrying about costing the team.


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Hasn't looked good.  While he hasn't had a ton of opportunities he hasn't stepped up and shone brightly either.  Sort of wish he'd have stayed then maybe gotten more time initially while more polished but I don't blame him one bit.  If he was smart even if he fizzles now he'll set for life.  Or perhaps he'll re-unite with some of our alumnus overseas.  If he could at least re-unleash the lights out shooting role player to rain 3's for a few minutes a game or in clutch times it'd greatly improve his outlook.  I haven't been able to get many(any) of the games really to watch, but I think he hasn't exactly been on teams to help set up his shot either.


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He has to shoot the lights out to make up for his defensive limitations. 

Worst case scenario, he ends up making a good amount of money playing abroad.  That's not a bad life.


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I've got a feeling that year from now Nik will be one of the guys we see playing overseas, but for one of higher tier clubs in Spain or France. Pending some kind of breakout year, which I don't forsee, Philly shouldn't pickup the club option and will essentially let him walk. I'm sure he could latch on here with a team for whatever his league minnimum will be, but he won't see the court and will have a lot more opportunity overseas.

I'll definitely be making a trip out to the Palace when the Sixers are in town this year (I think they swing through twice) to see if he gets in the game. He played decent minutes last year when I went, so I'll hope for the same thing this time around.


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It's not necessarily just a case of how high your draft stock is. I don't get the conventional wisdom that playing a fourth year in college is without any value to one's professional aspirations. It's completely insane to think that's the case about a third year.

Is it impossible to spend one's junior and senior seasons to work on the liabilities and shortcomings a player might have while playing in game situations? Nobody's going to get that kind of opportunity once they're in the NBA. There, you either produce now, or you're going to sit, and sitting leads to leaving.

What I never got is how so many seemed to think Nik was the best shooter they'd ever seen in a Michigan uniform. He was nowhere close to being the shooter that Glen Rice was.


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That might be true for some guys, but Nik's just not a very talented defender and a lot of that comes down to him not being all that quick or athletic.  There's not a ton he can do to improve in that area.

At the other end, his shot has deserted him.  I have no idea how/why that's happened, but when he came out of school here, that certainly wasn't a problem.




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I don't watch enough basketball to answer this:

What can J. J. Redick do that Nik can't do? Nik is taller, just as athletic or more, and had the same kind of college shooting numbers (I think).


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The short answer at this point is pretty much everything. Granted, it's an unfair comparison, given that Stauskas is still young, while Redick has a decade in the league at this point. I'd also argue that Nik hasn't been put in great situations in his time in the league to grow into a viable NBA player (by viable, I mean contributor on a good team). That being said, Nik has struggled to find open shots or hit them consistently when available, whereas Redick is among the best in the league as moving without the ball and finding the open spots on the floor. We'll never confuse Redick with a prime Dumars, but he's at least credible as a defender within the team structure. Even in summer league this past year, Nik strugged to deal with the athleticism of other wings. I know someone else mentioned Europe as an option, and it might not be the worst thing in the world for him to spend a couple years overseas getting consistent minutes and figuring out his niche at the pro level.


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Nik 2nd season:

FG FGA FG% 3P 3PA 3P% eFG% Ast'd %Ast'd
210 545 .385 106 325 .326 .483 155 .738


Redick didn't get as much playing time as Nik until his 4th season.

Redick 4th season:

FG FGA FG% 3P 3PA 3P% eFG% Ast'd %Ast'd
243 553 .439 111 274 .405 .540 152 .626





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and all of the sudden can't shoot.  Usually it's a height issue, but Nik is 6'6", so I figured he would have no issues getting his shot off at the next level.


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Of all the guys from the Final Four team to go pro, I thought Stauskas and McGary had the best shot at long, solid NBA careers, because they both had what every NBA player needs to survive -- one superior attribute to hang your hat on. For Nik it was his shot, for McGary it was his insane motor and handle/passing for a big man. Leaving McGary's issues aside... I'm surprised Nik's shot hasn't translated to the next level. We knew he'd have trouble on defense and with the higher level of athleticism in the NBA, but I was certain his shooting would still allow him to carve out a nice Redick/Kyle Korver type role. But he seems to have lost his shot and all his confidence -- which is amazing, considering the cocky alpha dog he was his sophomore year at UM. Remember his dagger 3 at Wisconsin that year, or him blowing kisses to the crowd at Breslin after beating Sparty? What happened to that guy, Brass Balls Stauskas?


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I think Nik would work solid with Bron and Kyrie. Hey Nik go stand in that corner and knock down a 3 when the defense colapses. 

Thats his roll decent D and knock down threes. The problem is Nik ahs yet to play on a team that would use his best talents. Neither Sac or Phil have had a decent drive a kick player like Kyrie or Lebron.

Real Tackles Wear 77

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I don't know, man. Say, after taxes and his agent's take, he's probably taken home $2-3 million so far before spending a penny. Now I'm sure he has spent some of that money already (i.e. buying a Porsche Cayenne when he didn't even have a driver's license) and you realize that he isn't set for life by any means. I'm rooting for Nik to make it in the league, he has a unique talent and is so fun to watch at his peak, but he hasn't done enough yet to live the rest of his life on cruise control.

Real Tackles Wear 77

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True. But NBA players are not average Joes, and even smart ones like Nik are under a lot of pressure from veterans to spend like a big shot from day one. 

Anyone who remembers videos of Nik shooting at his home in Mississauga can see he is from a family of financial means, so I'm sure he is getting good advice, I just wouldn't go so far as to say he can live for many years off of what he already made.


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...but I can't stand watching the NBA any more. Much prefer college ball for a variety of reasons.

The same holds true of the NFL. I find college football far more enjoyable.

Arlo Pear

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Nik has always seemed to me like he would fit perfectly with the Spurs or a team that doesn't let that ball stick. A player that is not featured but plays a knockdown shooter role off draw and kick. Like Matt Bonner or Steve Kerr.