Former Wolverine Players and Coaches

Submitted by Magnus on July 3rd, 2014 at 10:35 AM

This morning I put up an update on former commits, players, and coaches. There are about 30 updates altogether on guys like Cullen Christian, Dallas Crawford, etc. I like to keep track of these guys and know what they're up to after they leave Michigan.…



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Dear Mr Magnus:

Which in your opinion is more amazing and hard to comprehend?

1. That the song "What does the Fox Say" has over 425 milliion views on YouTube

2. The existence of life on other planets

3. That the follow sentence is true:

Defensive backs coach Tony Gibson: Gibson is the new defensive coordinator at West Virginia. He was the safeties coach at WVU in 2013.

I'll hang up and listen.


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Number of Youtube views never surprises me.

Life is totally possible to exist on other planets. We haven't explored very much of the universe at all, obviously. Lots of interesting things could be out there.

But Tony Gibson being the defensive coordinator for a coach on the hot seat like Dana Holgorsen is crazy. I honestly can't believe someone like Holgorsen would hitch his wagon to Gibson. So I'm not even joking when I say that the Gibson thing is the hardest to believe. WVU was #108 against the pass, #83 in pass breakups, and #69 in interceptions last year, but he still got promoted. Crazy.


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Then again, of course, when you are West Virginia and you're looking for your fourth defensive coordinator in as many year, you might very quickly work down to the level of asking someone like Tony Gibson if he would like the job, even if you were horrified when he said that he would like it. Just think, however, that this is their chance to have a "never forget" sort of moment in the backfield.

Decatur Jack

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Why are Jake Fisher and Denzel Ward on this list? They've never been on the roster and didn't even sign an LOI to Michigan. Does that mean Dee Hart is an "Ex-Wolverine" too?

I feel like calling this thread "Former Wolverine Players and Coaches" and titling the blogpost "Ex-Wolverines" is a little misleading. I get that you like to follow some of these guys even if they don't end up at Michigan, but I think it could be a little clearer. "The Magnus Thunder Fun Watch" or something. "They didn't go here, but I'm following them anyway" type of section or tagline. Might as well add Kate Upton to the list amirite?

Anyway, always a pleasure to read your site, Magnus.


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Yes, Dee Hart is also considered an "Ex-Wolverine," at least according to the site. I follow former commits because I like to think about "what could have been" for Michigan's program. Dallas Crawford was even mentioned in the OP even though he never played for Michigan. So as the years go along, I'll also track guys like George Campbell, Damien Harris, etc.


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Sam McGuffie - released by the Pats. 

Steven Threet - done w/ football because of concussions.

Where is Chris Perry these days?



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No way that's the same Chris Perry.  The kid's about half the size of the real Chris Perry.  Also, the real Chris Perry never smiled.  CP's like 32 by now, and I don't think he'd playing semi-pro ball in Orlando.  But just judging by the pictures at the beginning of that video, you can tell it's not him.


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Sure, but as of just a few years ago, Chris Perry was living in Los Angeles not playing football.  I spoke with him for a while that last time Hoke came and spoke here in town, and he was on my flight out of LAX when I came back for the ND game last fall.  I know quite well what he looks like and that's not him.  Plus his arms are about as big around as my thighs, and I have big thighs.  


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I have one other update you might want to add. If you have it elsewhere already, then disregard.

Doug Mallory (former Michigan LB 1984-1987) former DC at Indiana, was fired in January and replaced by Brian Knorr (Wake Forest).

I don't think Doug Mallory has landed a new job yet, so it will be interesting to see where he lands.…





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Financially he's in good shape for the time being.  Remember he got a huge salary increase in 2012 and he had a year left on his contract when he was fired.  I've not seen any indication of a new job for him.  He had been out of a job for a year when Hoke picked him up at SDSU. I'm guessing he'll get a position as OC at some mid-major school in the next year.


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i enjoy reading these and figure it is probably pretty labor-intensive to track many of them down. 

question: am i the only one that is pulling for rich rod to do well at arizona?  as much as he didn't pan out here and i still laugh at his singing, i just can't bring myself to wish him ill. 


July 4th, 2014 at 7:04 AM ^

I don't wish him ill, either, but I do sort of want him to be unspectacular. If he starts winning games like mad at Arizona like he did at WVU, then that's just going to reinforce that the problem was Michigan itself, not the coaching. I'd like to think that Michigan (while it certainly didn't handle Rodriguez perfectly) wasn't completely responsible for the abysmal seasons we went through.