Former UM players Mathews and Crable set to Graduate this Spring

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JuniorCooper posted this link in another thread and I thought it was realy good and hadn't known about it before. I didn't want it to get lost at the bottom of that thread, as I think it's good for others to know too.

Apparently there is a "Back-to-school fund" that helps former student-athletes finish up their degrees that left before they finished. This year, Greg Mathews, Shawn Crable, and former UM Women's Basketball player LaTara Jones are all earning their degrees as well. Good article and great support from former alumni. I love how James Hall is an instrumental part of this and understands how great it is for these former players to earn their degrees and complete goals that they maybe didn't realize were so vital to their future (and their kids' futures) at the time.

Thanks Juniorcooper for posting. And congrats to these former athletes as well.



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Mathews will always have that play, and a degree of course.

And Crable.  What a beast he was during his senior year in 2007!  90 tackles with 28.5 TFL.  He was everywhere that year.  In my opinion, he was involved in a couple of images from the great 2006 season that will forever be burned into my brain.  

Image #1

What a glorious day that was.  When Quinn finally did get up, he probably couldn't see.  And that was partially due to a giant pelt of sod rammed into to his facemask.

The other image (I will not provide picture because of the never-healing wound) is him being called for one of the worst late-hit calls in history on Troy "Duffel Bag O' Cash" Smith in The Game of the century.

Congrats to both on graduating.  HAIL!


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When Crable went across field and made up 15 yards on Percy to tackle him
Inside the 5. All year you kept heating about how fast Harvin was, and he got run down by this gentleman even with a 15 yard head start. What a great memory of him and
a win over Timmy Teabags!


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Yes, that was Morgan Trent.

I'm not sure how you get those two mixed up...

Do you guys remember that one time when Donovan Warren busted through the line against MSU and absolutely crushed Glenn Winston?  Man, that was awesome.


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Crable should have been denied re-enrollment based on that late hit near the end of the 06 ohio game.... just reading his name makes me think of it and cry like a little girl....


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of some kind with my best friend last fall. Apparently he's doing well and was as nice/humble as can be, despite that friend being a big OSU fan.

snarling wolverine

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Apparently there is a "Back-to-school fund" that helps former student-athletes finish up their degrees that left before they finished.

Now this really is the Michigan Difference.

Very good to hear.


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Serious question: Doesn't something like this kind go to show you that athletes are not as taken advantage of as some would lead you to believe?


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Okay, that's a great sentiment... what about all the other Michigan students who "make mistakes" and then want to return?  Should they get scholarships just because they got their girlfriend pregnant and had to go get a full-time job?  Or because they hit a rough patch in their personal life and decided they needed a year or two off to get things straightened out?


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You're assuming that money would go to those students who never got a chance? If I'm not mistaken this seems to be the athletic department's doing. IDK it kinda sucks ya as a normal student but I didn't bring as much comraderie to the student body or recognition as some of these guys had. 


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I was with D Hand on his visit and the academic team is superb. They were honest, and told him that if he's lucky, he'll play another 15 years of football and that's it. They focus on time management and they do a lot getting the athletes out to spend time with alumni who work in their desired field until they find something they truly enjoy. I asked the lady about early draftees for example and she says she works with everyone, whether they leave early, and even guys that transfer. She mentioned recently helping a former player whose NFL career was not working out, and I suspect it's Brandon Graham.


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Graham also had a pretty decent season last year, with 5.5 sacks a year after he tore his ACL.  Not that it really matters who it is, but guys like Donovan Warren and Ernest Shazor come to mind as players who left early and never latched on in the NFL.  I have heard that Warren is back in Ann Arbor to work on finishing up school.


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Good for these two Michigan Men!

We will always remember Matthews touchdown grab to beat Notre Shame.

And Crable was a beast! That play against little brother where he missed the initial tackle, and came all the way back to make the play was one of the greatest single efforts on a play I've ever seen.