Former UM DL Chris Rock Walks On at OSU

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Just as title says..

Former Michigan DL Chris Rock is now a walk-on at Ohio State. He will have 3 years of eligibility remaining.

— Tony Gerdeman (@GerdOzone) March 26, 2013

As a refresher, here's what Brian had to say when he left...

Rock hadn't played yet (obviously) and didn't make much impact in spring, so the departure shouldn't affect Michigan's projected performance in 2012 unless things get ugly at the three-tech spot. And since there are a couple of large incoming freshmen who may have beaten Rock out, this could be a writing on the wall type of scenario. Rock's star fell precipitously after his commitment to Michigan, something his recruiting profile acknowledged. He was a developmental guy, and if he wasn't developing meaningful wink wink ellipsis goes here…

And Magnus...

Word in the offseason was that he had bulked up significantly from when he arrived and the coaches were toying with moving him from strongside end to 3-tech defensive tackle, but the potential move seems not to have mattered much.  As you can tell from my May 2010 commitment post, I was never a fan of Rock's abilities; his TTB Rating of 58 meant he looked like a below average starter or a decent backup.  It's odd that I compared him to Anthony Lalota at the time of his commitment, because neither one lasted long at Michigan.  Lalota, of course, transferred to Rutgers and then didn't last long there, either



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Oh yeah. Forgot about that guy. Surprised he went to another big ten team. As i recall, his prospects of cracking the lineup here were slim, which led to his departure.


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Maybe he knows he won't play much football and picked an in-state school for tuition reasons. And if you're not going to play pro football, walking on at OSU is better than playing some at Bowling Green or Arkansas State or something, in terms of your life after college. Plus it's close to home since he's from Columbus.


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Lots of walk-ons make that commitment and don't play on Sundays.  And OSU is a far better academic institution than Cincinnati (do we know he'd get a scholarship at UC anyway?).  I could have run track at GVSU on scholarship, but I decided to pay in-state tuition at UM anyway.  I know we joke about the academics thing with recruits, but for some kids it actually is important.  

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the kids who transfer to MAC or FCS schools so they can keep playing, but I don't see why people think it's so wild when kids decide to pay their way for a better education.  Once you've realized the NFL isn't in your future, it's not that crazy to start working for what is in your future, and play a little football along the way.


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I'm not certain I see the problem here.  If he went back home tuition at Ohio has to be cheaper than at Michigan and if he wants to keep playing football or be a part of the team then he walks on.  

I'm not going to say best of luck to him, but I doubt there's any screw you to UM going on here.


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I honestly had forgotten about him so I doubt much will ever come of this. Certainly is interesting that he ended up at Ohio and not a MAC school or say Youngstown State where I figured he'd have a much better chance of playing

Honestly, if he could've crack the two-deep on our D-line, he probably isn't going to crack the four-deep at OSU. They have a lot of defensive line talent

Perkis-Size Me

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His choice to where he wants to go, but if he couldn't crack the two-deep on the DL here, not sure what makes him think he's got any chance at OSU with all the talent Meyer is bringing in on the DL.

Good luck 364 days out of the year. Hope you get embarrassed on that one other day.


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This has to be one of the dumber players Michigan has ever had, gave up a free education at Michigan to pay to go to Ohio and ride the bench.  Saved us a scholarship, which you can say freed one up for Northfleet, and that is a win.


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In all fairness, he was riding the bench here too.  

Maybe he didn't like Michigan that much.  Maybe he grew up an OSU fan, picked M because OSU didn't offer, and once he realized he was going to be riding pine either way, he decided OSU was where he wanted to be.  

If a kid from Ann Arbor (or anywhere in Michigan for that matter) made the same choice the other way, we'd all be saying how he made the right move.  I don't see this as being so dumb, especially if Chris and his family think it's his best choice.


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If you are not going pro as an athlete, then you should get the best degree possible (within the limits of also enjoying your school). OSU is terrible in academics, so walking on, going to practice and class while paying for that degree is kind of dumb.

He could have gotten s free M education, but decided to pay for an OUS one. That's dumb.

Also, Columbus is a few hour drive. If you get homesick, it's not that far to see family


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There's a lot more that goes into it than that. I went to Michigan even though it wasn't the absolute best academic school I could have gone to. Maybe he wants to be near his friends. Maybe OSU has a very good program that he wants to study. Or maybe he just didn't like Michigan, and once he decided AA wasn't for him, OSU was the best academic school he could get into.

I find it crazy how quickly some people (like you) can call a kid's decisions dumb without knowing a damn thing about it.


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it was a dumb decision to walk away from a full scholarship at he could walk on at OSU? I dont care if he is a huge OSU fan its dumb.  How many here would have gone to OSU if it was on an athletic sholarship instead of paying for UofM? I love UofM but I would have still gone with the free ride.


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So just because you wouldn't do it, it's a dumb decision?  

OSU in-state is probably 15k or so a year, which he (or more than likely his parents) will have to pay for 2 or 3 years.  That's somewhere in the 30-45k range, which for college is not exactly big money.  

I had two good friends from college who got into Michigan and chose to go to K College instead.  They (again, their parents) paid in the neighborhood of 200k for them to go to Kalamazoo College when they could have gone to Michigan for 60k(ish).  That's a $140k swing!  You must think they are double dumb!  I had another friend pass on Michigan to go to WIsconsin - similar situation, dollars-wise.

Here's the thing - not everyone bases their college on money.  And not everyone chooses the best possible school.  Just like not every football recruit picks the most prestigious program, but rather where they feel most comfortable or have the best fit.  We've had recruits pass on us and pick schools like Iowa or MSU or Arkansas.  And that doesn't make it a dumb decision, it just makes it their decision.  

So maybe Chris feels more comfortbale at Ohio State.  By all accounts he handled his exit with class, so good for him.

Perkis-Size Me

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I hate Ohio State as much as the next guy on this board, but it does not have terrible academics by any stretch. It's not Michigan, but its not Florida State, either.

That's about the extent to which I will ever defend Ohio State.


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I harbor no ill will - wish him luck.  I kind of doubt he'll see the field, but it didn't work out here and, unless I missed something, he left without throwing people under the bus or otherwise being a jerk.

Mr. Yost

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...and wasn't playing and left in "good standing," so I don't necessarily compare it to Boren. But he's still a traitor and I wish him no success on the playing field for him or his team.